Defending Uninsured Employers Against Workers' Compensation Claims

In California, every employer is required to provide workers’ compensation insurance for its employees. Not carrying such insurance can lead to criminal prosecution, and the company’s owners and executives are subject to large fines, in addition to running significant business and civil risks.

When an employer lacks workers’ compensation insurance, just one adverse disability claim can result in a potentially crippling employee lawsuit, lead to criminal prosecution, or cause the dissolution of the enterprise. There are steps an employer can take to resolve or minimize the consequences of a lack of insurance.

Sacks & Zolonz, LLP, provides advice and representation for uninsured employers. Insurance brokers and other law firms frequently refer their clients to us when those clients lack insurance or face difficult workers’ compensation problems.

Our experienced and aggressive workers compensation defense lawyers advise uninsured employers as to their risks, and if the employers are charged, work to overcome these charges or minimize the consequences.

Risk Management Counseling for Self-Insured Employers

Uninsured employers are effectively self-insured against workers’ compensation claims. The risks to an uninsured employer are many and can threaten the continued existence and viability of the firm. These risks include:

  • Possibility of business closure
  • Large fines imposed by the California Labor Commissioner
  • Exposure to civil suits by injured workers
  • Criminal conviction and personal fines
  • Imposition of a 10% surcharge in addition to the disability claim, plus attorney fees for the worker

Sacks & Zolonz, LLP, frequently provides legal services, advice, and counsel to uninsured contractors, employers and small businesses regarding the legal and financial risks they run, and how to comply with the laws.

We Can Help You Deal With Problems Associated With Being Uninsured

When an uninsured employer does face a real problem, such as a prospective fine, prosecution, or employee injury, or is actually sued, there are steps the employer can take to minimize the consequences. Sacks & Zolonz, LLP, can represent the employer in all administrative actions and appeals, and advise the employer how to proceed. The goals here are not only to achieve resolution to the immediate problem, but also to protect the assets of the firm, and to reach an accommodation with the regulatory agencies that enables the company to go forward in compliance with the law.

If you are worried about how a workers’ compensation claim could affect your business, talk to a California uninsured employer defense attorney at Sacks & Zolonz. Call our office directly at 310-216-7778 or contact the firm online.

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