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Employees who get hurt on the job have the right to file a claim for workers compensation benefits while they are recovering from their injuries and unable to work. These benefits include financial compensation to cover the costs of living while wages are not being earned and coverage of medical care costs related to workplace injury. Typically, employers carry insurance to cover the expenses related to these claims, but some employers are not insured.

State Law Compels Coverage

California state law requires all employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance, with the only exception being sole proprietorships (i.e., self-employed people). This means that, no matter how large or how small a business may be, by law employers must provide workers’ compensation benefits to any employees who are injured on the job. Being uninsured does not mean that an employer cannot be held liable for injuries sustained by an employee on the job, and the expenses associated with a lawsuit can quickly add up to far more than the cost of coverage would be.

Uninsured Employers Are At Risk

Not carrying workers’ compensation insurance is risky. Some employers may opt out of carrying insurance due to costly premiums, or because their business is a small family business and they do not expect any employees to file a claim, or because the business is not in a hazardous industry that is known for resulting in employee injuries. However, under the law, none of these circumstances preclude an employer from having to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Being uninsured is not only a legal risk but is also a financial risk. If an employee becomes hurt at work and files a claim, you could be compelled by the court to not only cover the cost of that employee’s benefits but also face steep fines and strict penalties on top of that.

We Can Help You Learn Your Options

Uninsured employers have options available to them, and we can help you navigate these options. Our attorneys specialize in workers compensation defense for uninsured employers. If you do not carry workers’ compensation insurance and your employee has filed a claim for benefits, it is urgent that you contact a workers’ compensation defense specialist to advocate for you in court and assist you with protecting your business. Contact us to discuss your case.

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If your business does not carry workers’ compensation insurance, you need an uninsured employer’s defense attorney in Riverside. Our attorneys wrote the book on workers’ compensation defense, and we handle all types of legal matters related to it, including counsel to minimize risk, arbitration, workers’ compensation fraud claims, employer discrimination allegations, and arbitration. If you are uninsured and need legal advice, we are here to help. Call us today for a consultation.


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