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Construction company may need employer defense after accident

Companies should always adhere to safety standards at construction sites. Even the smallest oversight in compliance with work safety rules at a construction site can result in disastrous consequences in California. Not only can this cause physical injury or even death for a worker, but also it can result in legal problems for an employer, which may require an employer defense strategy.

Aluminum company needs employer defense after OSHA citations

An employer can be seriously distraught when a fatal accident happens at the workplace. Not only can this be emotionally challenging, it can also result in significant financial damage to a company in California. However, the financial damage can be further exacerbated when safety citations are issued. This type of situation will cause a need for a strong employer defense strategy to address the safety citations.

Construction accident can prompt injured worker claim

Risk is an important consideration when a person decides to work in the California construction industry. Due to the types of environments to which construction workers are generally exposed, they must take extra care to maintain proper safety precautions. Much of this has to do with the large and heavy machinery construction workers typically deal with on a daily basis. An accident involving heavy machinery often results in an injured worker claim.

Compliance with safety rules may not stop injured worker claim

California employers need to ensure that safety standards at the workplace are maintained. Not only can this help to reduce the chances of facing an injured worker claim, but it can also help avoid costly penalties levied by work safety authorities. This is particularly important in the construction industry because the chance of serious injuries are higher due to the nature of the work than in other types of work environments.

Walmart succesful in challenging injured worker claim

When a worker is injured on the job, he or she may be able to obtain benefits via workers' compensation insurance. This can be costly for an employer, although it is also possible for employers in California and other states to challenge an injured worker claim. Walmart successfully did this four years ago in one particular case. However, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration is now looking to make it more difficult for the company to apply the same employer defense strategy for similar cases in the future.

Employer defense may have lowered OSHA fines

In the event that a California oil drilling company is accused of serious safety violations, an employer defense may help to minimize consequences. A drilling company was recently accused of 13 safety and health violations by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Representatives of the company met with federal officials and were able to secure a reduced fine for the hazards identified at one of their drilling sites. The reduction in fines may be the result of an employer defense strategy.

OSHA violation results in $7,000 fine plus additional citations

After complaints about working conditions at a printing and promotions company in another state, OSHA initiated an investigation of the premises. Although this case refers to another state, the same violations can occur in any jurisdiction, including California. As a result of its investigation, the federal agency proposed the maximum fine for one OSHA violation and other fines for additional violations.

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