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Long Beach Workers' Compensation Lawsuits

An employee who files a claim for workers compensation benefits may have their claim accepted or denied. If the claim is found valid by the employer and is accepted, then the employee will receive appropriate workers’ compensation benefits (medical cost coverage, cash benefits to cover costs of living, and vocational rehab if necessary) while they recover from their injuries. If the claim is denied—as in, if the employer refuses to shoulder liability for the injury—then the employee has the option to file a lawsuit.

Rejected Claims Can Be Escalated By Employees

The Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) handles the process for workers’ compensation claims. When an employee’s claim is rejected by their employer, they may take their case to the WCAB in the hopes of having the Board declare their claim to be valid and to compel the employer to offer workers’ compensation to the injured employee. The Board takes in evidence and, if they determine that an employer was liable for the injuries the employee sustained, the employer may then need to give benefits to the employee. In short, an employee has little to lose by filing a claim with the WCAB—it is simply a matter of waiting to see if their gamble pays off. For the employer, on the other hand, the lawsuit can end up being costly.

Time And Resources May Be Drained By The Process

Building your case against the claim takes time and effort invested in researching and investigating the circumstances surrounding the employee’s alleged injury. The process can also mean cash out of your pocket as you sacrifice part of your workday to attend the trial and argue your side of the issue. These drains on time and resources can be costly for the employer, and if the WCAB finds in favor of the employee, those costs could end up being all for nothing.

Your Business Deserves A Good Representative At Trial

You do not want to attend the WCAB trial alone. It is crucial that employers seek out qualified legal counsel to represent them during a workers’ compensation lawsuit. Our attorneys have lengthy experience in practicing workers’ compensation defense law, and we have a long history of getting satisfying results for our clients, including corporations and small businesses. We can investigate the claim on your behalf, attend the trial, and argue in favor of your business’s best interests.

We Can Represent Employers Facing Workers’ Compensation Lawsuits

If your employee has filed a claim against you and you need a workers’ compensation lawsuit defense attorney in Long Beach, the expert attorneys at Sacks Law Group, APC is here to assist you. The trial process can be time- and resource-consuming for employers and employers have a host of other matters that require their attention on any given day. That is why hiring a skilled and experienced attorney to guide you through—and represent you during—the process is crucial. Contact us today for your consultation.

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