What Can Employees Sue You For?

May 24, 2019
Sacks & Zolonz, LLP
Workers' Compensation Defense

Owning a business is hard. You are responsible for the daily business but also all the interactions that happen on our property. It can feel overwhelming when things go right, but even more so when things go wrong. Sometimes it feels as if the weight is all on your shoulders, and no one cares. Sometimes when you are dealing with a  hard situation, you feel lost and confused, especially when that situation involves legal matters like worker’s compensation issues. Have no fear. Our Los Angeles Workers Compensation Defense Attorneys at Sacks & Zolonz are here to take the weight off your shoulders.

Creating a business that generates money and takes care of its employees is challenging. Sometimes you mess up. Sometimes the business owner makes a mistake. You should not let that mistake haunt you for the rest of your life or ruin your business. Instead, the legal system should be a way for you to rectify the situation. It should be seen as an opportunity for change, and not a penalty to ruin your life. If you are a new business owner, here are  some ways an employee can sue you

  • Discrimination or harassment
  • Wrongful termination
  • Breach of contract
  • Violation of laws
  • Retaliation
  • Withholding benefits intentionally
  • Hostile work environment

Of that list, our Los Angeles Worker’s Compensation Defense Attorneys can help you when an employee suggests that you are withholding benefits. We are here to help you navigate sticky situations that can lead to ruining your career or your reputation. Here are some situations where an employee complained about an employer but was caught cheating instead:

  1. In Santa Clara, a man filed an on-the-job injury. He states that he hurt his left hand while at his concrete cutter job. He stated that the pain was so severe that he could not use his left arm at all. He said that he could not drive and therefore, could not return to work. The employee was caught not three months later, driving and jumping out of a plane to skydive. How can a person with such an injury be in so much pain yet do these activities?
  2. A woman filed a claim due to a slip and fall that happened in the parking lot of her job. She almost got away with it until investigators saw that she posted on Facebook that the slip and fall occurred at the gas station nearby and not on the employers’ property.  

These two stories go to show that employees cannot be trusted. As an employer, you may make some mistakes, but we know that your goal is to learn. If you find yourself in a hard situation, do not hesitate to reach out and consult with one of our professional attorneys. Call 310-216-7778 or click here to start a discussion with our professional attorneys at Sacks & Zolonz in Los Angeles today. We are here for you and your business.

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