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Does Your Small Business Need A Worker's Compensation Lawyer?

Running your own small business comes with its own obstacles and hassles, but dealing with workplace injuries is not the most obvious of those obstacles. Accidents do happen, and if you have employees, you've probably had the conversation about worker's compensation insurance. If one of your employees experiences injuries on the job and chooses to file a claim, you might be panicking and unsure of what your next move should be. If you're currently in one of these three situations, you want to consider hiring a worker's compensation lawyer to represent your small business.

1. Your employee appealed their claim

When an employee reports their injuries with the worker's compensation insurance company, they receive a claim detailing the amount of money they are entitled to. If the employee doesn't like or doesn't agree with the claim decision, they can choose to appeal it. If that happens, you will need an attorney to represent your company to negotiate their claim

2. Your employee rejected their benefits

One of the main benefits of having worker's compensation insurance is that it protects your company from receiving a lawsuit. If an employee accepts their insurance claim, they relinquish the right to sue your company. If, however, they reject their benefits, they retain that right, and may be preparing a lawsuit. If that happens, you definitely want to hire an attorney to fight for you.

3. You don't have worker's compensation insurance

In most states, not having worker's compensation insurance is against the law. If an employee is injured on the job and you are caught without insurance. You could find yourself, not just stuck with a lawsuit, but hit with fines from the government. In addition to the government, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) require you to have worker's compensation insurance, and you may find yourself in violation of their regulations as well.

In this situation, you absolutely want to hire a lawyer to represent you. You could be in serious legal trouble. A lawyer can help negotiate you a lower settlement and could, in the end, be actually saving you money.

How will a lawyer help you?

You may think that hiring a lawyer isn't worth your time or money, but it could be one of the best business decisions that you make. Hiring a worker's compensation lawyer to represent your small business can have several benefits. They can:

  • Walk you through a claims process
  • Explain what your rights and liabilities are as an employer
  • Walk you through any paperwork you need to file
  • Answer any questions or concerns you have
  • Represent your best interest and fight for your side

Tackling a lawsuit can be scary, especially as a small business. You may be worried about your financial situation, and just simply overwhelmed by the entire process. The most important thing that a worker's compensation lawyer can do for you are to provide you with support. You will have someone to help prepare your case, who understands the ins and outs of the law and can help you get the best possible outcome for your business.

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