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Using Surveillance Cameras to Fight Workers' Comp Fraud

Fraudulent workers' compensation claims cost businesses a lot of money, and for those who insure themselves or for small businesses facing claims, these costs may put them out of business. Businesses must do everything they can to combat fraudulent behavior, which can range from claiming an injury that never happened to claiming an existing injury happened at work. One of the ways to combat this type of false claim is to install surveillance cameras in the workplace, and to notify workers that they are under surveillance. This can not only help you fight false claims, it can deter people from filing claims in the first place to avoid their own legal repercussions.

Can you detect workers’ compensation fraud before it is too late?

Workers’ compensation is an excellent resource for your employees to use if they are injured on the job. It is also valuable to you as the employer because you can protect your company and its reputation if an accident occurs. However, sometimes your employees may be tempted to take advantage of workers’ compensation benefits. Your vigilance can help you recognize fraudulent behavior before it is too late.

How does an investigator uncover fraudulent workers’ comp claims?

When an employee reports an on-the-job injury in California, you may assume that your workers’ compensation insurance will cover the costs of the medical bills and a portion of the lost wages. However, according to Property Casualty 360, false claims raise the cost of policies, so any red flags may warrant an investigation.

Goodwill facing multiple safety violations

California employers large and small can come under fire from current employees, former employees and others for alleged safety violations at any time. In some cases, these allegations may even be escalated to and involve the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. When this happens, it is important for companies to remember that they have the right to defend themselves against what may not always be accurate accusations that could threaten the trust of their brand reputations.

Types of employee fraud in workers' compensation cases

As an employer that is required to either carry workers' compensation insurance in California or to be essentially self-insured, you have the right to know and trust that any claims that are made are legitimate. Unfortunately this is not always the case as employee fraud when it comes to workers' compensation is all too common. According to the California Department of Insurance, it is believed that this type of fraud may cost upwards of $3 billion annually in California alone.

Man arrested for receiving workers comp benefits while working

Oftentimes, the prevailing attitude amongst many workers in Los Angeles is that they are entitled to workplace benefits. Given the effort they put into their careers, they may feel justified in occasionally embellishing the details of an injury in order to obtain more time off of work or collect a little more in workers’ compensation benefits. The danger in this line of thinking is that it may persuade some to attempt to “game the system,” continuing to collect benefits while not having to return to work.

Understanding your rights under the Paid Sick Leave Law

It is well known that a healthy workforce is a productive workforce, which is why you may have no issue with sick employees choosing to not come in to work in Los Angeles. Yet the issue of paying employees while they are out on sick leave can often be a tricky one. An amendment to the Healthy Workplace Healthy Family Act of 2014 made it mandatory for employers in California like yourself to offer paid time off to sick employees (or those caring for sick family members). Yet based off feedback we here at Sacks and Zolonz, LLP have received from clients, there is still much confusion surrounding this new “Paid Sick Leave Law”.

The risks of not carrying workers’ compensation insurance

As an employer in California, you are required by law to have workers’ compensation insurance to protect yourself and your employees. If an employee does get injured and it is discovered you do not have insurance coverage, you could face serious penalties. At Sacks & Zolonz, LLP, we understand the complications that can arise in such a situation. So you can avoid penalties and other issues, you must understand the law and what it requires of you.

Common OSHA violations highlight importance of workplace safety

In Los Angeles, employers must make sure that their workplaces diligently adhere to all applicable safety standards. Failure to do so can not only result in lost revenue thanks to injured employees, but it can also bring about serious legal reprisal. Here at Sacks & Zolonz, LLP , we’ve seen the harm that can befall an employer who forgoes proper safety measures. That’s why we counsel our clients on how they can prevent violations and ensure proper safety measures are upheld at all times.

How traumatic brain injuries occur

Traumatic brain injuries are a somewhat common occurrence in workplaces across California and throughout the United States. These injuries occur in a wide-range of industries, from offices and schools, to construction sites and warehouses. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that traumatic brain injuries are contributing factors in at least 30 percent of all injury deaths. Brain damage is one of the most common workplace injuries, causing serious dysfunction, loss of production and long-term disabilities.

What is America’s most common workplace injury?

If you work in California’ entertainment, mining, automotive or construction industries, among a multitude of others, you run the risk of suffering what the California Health Care Foundation calls the most common work-related injury in the nation: hearing loss. Costing the nation an estimated $242 million every year in workers’ compensation costs, hearing loss is a highly pervasive problem, but critics have differing opinions about what to do to address the growing issue moving forward.

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