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Signs of workers' compensation fraud

If you are an employer in California, you want to maintain a safe and fair working environment for your employees, but some people may try to take advantage of you. Unfortunately, some employees file false workers' compensation claims in order to avoiding paying for an injury sustained elsewhere, or to get undeserved time off work. We at Sacks and Zolonz recognize the pressure employers have to discern between legitimate and fraudulent claims, and we stand ready to help you when dishonesty does occur.

While not every fraudulent claim will look the same, many have similar warning signs. Particularly if a case has several of the following elements, you may want to investigate its veracity. One red flag is a difficulty to specify the details of the claim. If no one else saw the injury, or if the claimant's account of the incident changes, it may be a false claim. The same may be true if an injury report does not support the details of the claim.

Another common sign is the time the report was made. You may need to investigate more aggressively claims that are made immediately upon returning to work after time off for a weekend or vacation, as the injury could potentially have taken place away from work. If that is the case, your employee may be trying to have you pay for an injury he or she sustained on personal time. Additionally, employees who have changed jobs or addresses often, and have some of the other suspicious characteristics, may be filing fraudulently. In order to maintain a fair compensation program for legitimate claims, it is important to recognize false claims as much as possible and avoid paying unnecessarily. To find more information about workers' compensation fraud, visit our web page.

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