“Every Employer’s Nightmare: Uninsured for Workers’ Compensation” is the Book Every Employer Needs to Read

January 17, 2017
Sacks & Zolonz, LLP
Workers' Compensation Defense

Business owners face several known challenges, sufficient operating capital being among them. This often compels owners to cut corners and neglect expenses that are far more important than they realize. What many entrepreneurs aren’t aware of is the looming danger of financial ruin if they fail to carry workers’ compensation insurance.

Now, attorney Zachary H. Sacks has written a book that details the potential business hazards of workers’ compensation. Financial ruin is not the only possible threat. Legal issues and criminal charges must be considered as well. Attorney Sacks offers practical solutions to forestall this nightmare.

About the Author

Zachary H. Sacks is the managing attorney of Sacks & Zolonz, LLP, a California workers’ compensation defense firm providing California employers with knowledgeable and skilled defense against workers comp claims for more than three decades.

Mr. Sacks is certified as a workers compensation law specialist, among the first lawyers in the state to earn this status. He was elected president of the California Workers’ Compensation Defense Attorneys Association twice and is the proud recipient of the Warren L. Hanna Lifetime Achievement Award. He has also been named as Southern California Super Lawyer in this area of law.

Attorney Sacks has been a professional lecturer on workers’ compensation law since 1973 and is sought after throughout the state and across the nation for speaking engagements. This accomplished attorney has provided teaching and training seminars on workers’ comp, and taught at UCLA Law School as a guest Workers’ Compensation Law instructor.

With his sole focus on workers’ compensation law for several decades, Mr. Sacks is an undisputed authority in this area. His advice and information make this groundbreaking book a must-have for every employer.

Safeguard Your Business and Your Future

How much do you know about your responsibilities as a business owner in the event of a worker injury? What are the laws regarding workers’ comp insurance? Do you need it? How much and what kind may be required? “Every Employer’s Nightmare: Uninsured for Workers’ Compensation” answers these and many other pertinent questions in clear, comprehensive language.

In this book, you learn about the perils you face as an uninsured employer. No other book has addressed this essential topic for employers. You don’t need to understand legalese, labor codes or administrative regulations to benefit from “Every Employer’s Nightmare.” Attorney Sacks avoids legal jargon, and instead provides the frank, honest, relevant information you need to protect yourself from the hazards of costly workers’ compensation claims. Get the facts. Learn how to protect yourself and your company. Pick up your copy on Amazon today.

If you are uninsured or self-insured and facing a potential or current worker injury claim, the counsel of a firm that concentrates solely on workers’ compensation defense for employers and small businesses is invaluable in protecting your interests.

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