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Workers' compensation fraud is a cost to society

Today's society provides a sense that business can be the big bad wolf. But that is simply not true. Businesses keep an economy strong. They keep people employed and able to support their families. The strength of corporate America can symbolize an overall strength of the country. 

Therefore we thought it might be valuable to report the cost that fraud can present to the state of California and the whole country. According to the California Department of Insurance, workers' compensation fraud costs the state between $1 million and $3 million a year. The reported cost to the country is more astounding: $30 billion.

Fraudulent actions in terms of workers' compensation fraud can come from deceptive workers but also from a less-discussed source. Medical care professionals can also commit fraud that contributes to the significant cost to society. 

No matter where acts of workers' comp fraud come from, those who detect or suspect it are strongly encouraged to report their concerns. Doing so can put a stop to a scam or at least mitigate losses associated with an act of fraud. 

California takes workers' comp fraud seriously, prosecuting parties caught engaging in the illegal activity. The expensive type of fraud is classified as a felony in the state. Upon a conviction, the details of a person's case will be posted to the Department of Insurance's public site. This requirement helps parties identify potential subsequent scams more readily. 

That information will be available on the site for five years. The temporary basis means that someone's past might not be as visible to an employer who has reason to suspect workers' comp fraud. Upon suspicion of such fraud, an employer should reach out to an attorney who can help protect them.

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