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Alert employers can often spot workers' compensation fraud

California employers are responsible for a great number of things on any given day in their workplaces. Many employers need to stay on top of their games to prevent certain problems, such as workers' compensation fraud. When a worker files a false injury claim, or otherwise tries to defraud the system, it can have a negative effect on the whole company.

There are certain things employers can do to remain alert to spot suspicious claims before any real damage is done. For instance, if an employee claims an injury occurred in the workplace but no witnesses can substantiate the claim, an employer may want to further investigate the matter. Especially, in workrooms that are typically full of co-workers, it would raise a red flag if no one saw their fellow worker get hurt.

Another sign that a worker may be trying to defraud an employer is when medical professionals' reports greatly contradict a worker's story. If an employee claims an injury occurred in a particular way, but medical reports suggest otherwise, a claim may become suspect. Also, any injury claim that seems unusually vague may be cause for concern, as well.

If a California employer suspects any type of workers' compensation fraud, an attorney can be brought in to investigate the situation. It is unlawful to falsify any documents associated with a request to collect benefits. By taking immediate and thorough action, an employer may be able to avoid the complications that often arise when a worker takes advantage of the system.

Source:, "Tips on Spotting Workers' Comp Fraud", Accessed on Sept. 7, 2016

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