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California officer going to jail for workers' compensation fraud

Employers can not monitor their workers 24 hours a day. Even police officers have time off duty wherein they are free to live their lives as they so choose. What they or other workers are not free to do, however, is claim that they have been injured on the job in order to collect benefits when such details are untrue. Workers' compensation fraud is subject to prosecution in California and all other states. One police officer recently  learned that the hard way.

Seeking assistance when an injured worker claim is suspicious

California workplaces are like all others in that, sometimes, mishaps occur on the job. In fact, there are certain industries that seem prone toward workplace accidents, such as construction or farming. Even in the average office space, it is not all that uncommon for an injured worker claim to be filed after an accident has occurred.

Workers' compensation fraud can go both ways

In California or any other state, willfully misrepresenting the details of a workplace injury is against the law. Classified as workers' compensation fraud, lying about a work injury is a serious matter that may be prosecuted in criminal court. On the other side of the fraud issue, however, it is also illegal for an employer to enter false data regarding payroll or employee classification.

Man could spend a decade in prison for employee fraud

Many married couples share vehicles, bank accounts, and even income. While such practices may be typical in California and elsewhere, there are certain actions that may be unethical and illegal. For instance, it is never okay to use one's spouse's Social Security Number to collect income; this would be considered employee fraud.

Bartender gets probation for workers' compensation fraud

There are most likely many people in California and elsewhere who make their livings tending bar. Hopefully, none of them are doing so while lying to the state about past work injuries and false unemployment. Workers' compensation fraud is illegal; in fact, one man in another state was recently put on probation after being caught in a fraudulent scheme.

Facing employee fraud head-on in California

California employers are at risk for increased premiums when workers claim benefits to which they are not entitled. Employee fraud is problematic in many companies. It exists in many forms, and astute employers are sometimes able to stop it in its tracks before too much damage is done.

Putting a halt to employee fraud in California

The last thing a California employer needs is to be taken for a ride by a worker filing a false injury claim. Employee fraud is a huge problem in many areas. Employers will want to arm themselves against such illicit behaviors by staying updated on state and federal laws, as well as maintaining close monitoring of the workplace.

Alert employers can often spot workers' compensation fraud

California employers are responsible for a great number of things on any given day in their workplaces. Many employers need to stay on top of their games to prevent certain problems, such as workers' compensation fraud. When a worker files a false injury claim, or otherwise tries to defraud the system, it can have a negative effect on the whole company.

Uninsured employers in California may relate to farmers' problems

Employers in California and elsewhere are typically obligated to purchase insurance meant to provide benefits to workers who are injured on the job. When a worker gets hurt and files a claim, the benefits received can help replace lost wages (if an injury has rendered the person unable to work) and can also help alleviate financial debt associated with medical bills and other treatments. Many uninsured employers run into problems, as evident in a recent ongoing issue concerning farmers---especially, those on family-run farms.

Man who filed injured worker claim caught defrauding the system

Employers are obligated to purchase insurance that provides compensation benefits to injured workers. When someone is hurt on the job and files an injured worker claim, the benefits received can help cover the cost of medical bills and also replace lost wages. However, when someone in California defrauds the system, it can have a negative affect on both other workers and employers alike.

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