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Ways to fight workers' compensation fraud in California

Most California employers are used to handling various types of challenges concerning employee relations. One issue that may be especially difficult to address, however, is workers' compensation fraud. Knowing where to turn for guidance in such situations may help employers obtain swifter solutions to their problems.

Committing unemployment benefits fraud or other acts of compensation-related deceit is punishable by law. Such fraudulent acts may carry severe penalties that include time in prison and substantial monetary fines. Since employers' bottom line interests are at risk through possible increased premiums, they have every right to aggressively fight against suspected employee fraud in court.

Some workers have claimed they unintentionally committed workers' compensation or unemployment benefits fraud. By relying on an experienced attorney's assistance to investigate a particular situation, an employer may be able to determine whether evidence of actual fraud exists. If it is determined there are grounds for litigation, an attorney would be able to guide an employer through the entire process.

Failure to report injuries, misrepresenting severity of injuries, and incorrectly reporting gross wages once an injured worker has returned to work but is continuing to receive benefits are among many problematic issues with which California employers contend. Such issues often increase the risk of lowering productivity and profitability in the workplace when employers' attentions must turn toward addressing and solving the problems at hand rather than concentrating on everyday work projects. In business, time and money are often closely related; therefore, any employer who believes possible workers' compensation fraud is causing an obstacle to business success may take immediate action by requesting a consultation with a skilled and experienced business attorney.

Source:, "What is Unemployment Insurance Fraud", Accessed on Aug. 16, 2016

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