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August 2016 Archives

Protecting the bottom line against workers' compensation fraud

If a California employer suspects a worker of attempting to defraud the system with regard to a work-related injury or illness, there are several options available to address the situation. Workers' compensation fraud is a problem that can impact productivity and profitability in the workplace. An employer's bottom line may be at risk for various reasons, including being forced to pay increased insurance premiums as a result of such incidents.

Man accused of workers' compensation fraud

Falsifying documents to claim benefits after a workplace injury is illegal. Many California employers have faced challenges regarding workers' compensation fraud. A recent incident in another state involves a man who is suspected of collecting benefits while earning income at two separate places of employment.

Ways to fight workers' compensation fraud in California

Most California employers are used to handling various types of challenges concerning employee relations. One issue that may be especially difficult to address, however, is workers' compensation fraud. Knowing where to turn for guidance in such situations may help employers obtain swifter solutions to their problems.

Employee fraud continues to be problematic in California

It is unlawful to collect benefits through a workers' compensation claim if one is not entitled to them. Such employee fraud continues to plague many California employers. Schemes often involve false injury reports or exaggeration of the severity of injuries suffered in on-the-job accidents. 

Uninsured employers and workers' compensation in California

California employers face many types of challenges regarding employer/employee relations in the workplace. When a worker is injured, the situation may be complicated. However, if an employer has purchased required workers' compensation insurance, there shouldn't be much of a problem so long as the appropriate reports and claims are filed. Uninsured employers, however, may face significant problems that are best addressed alongside experienced guidance.

Woman guilty of false injured worker claim

It is illegal to feign injury, then file a fraudulent compensation claim to collect benefits meant to help pay medical bills and replace lost wages. Many California employers face employee fraud in the workplace. An employer in other state recently confronted an employee about a false injured worker claim.

Staying abreast of injured worker claim laws in California

Workers and employers are bound by state and federal employment laws. One area of of governance pertains to the filing of an injured worker claim. Such matters can become complicated, especially when California employers suspect  a workers' claims as fraudulent.

Employee fraud problematic in many California businesses

False workplace injury claims continue to cause many employers problems in California and throughout the nation. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau as many as $7 billion worth of workplace injury claims turn out to be false each year. This type of employee fraud is a significant concern for many employers who are obligated to carry workers' compensation insurance to provide benefits to help pay medical bills and replace lost wages for employees injured on the job.

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