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Guarding against workers' compensation fraud in the workplace

Falsified compensation claims in the workplace can greatly impede production and success in businesses, large or small. Employers often face complicated legal challenges when trying to protect their business interests and seek justice against workers' compensation fraud. In California and beyond, an experienced employment attorney would be able to help determine the best course of action to take under such circumstances. 

For every four insurance fraud claims in the nation, at least one of them is related to workers' compensation.  Bogus workers' compensation claims often exaggerate the severity of an employee's injuries. Other fraudulent claims state that an injury occurred on the job when, in fact, it happened elsewhere outside the scope of employment. Repeated acts of compensation fraud that go undetected can lead to increases in insurance premiums for which employers must bear the burden.

An employer can do several things to avoid be taken advantage of through workers' compensation fraud. One way to avoid such issues is to carefully monitor the workplace and verify all reports of injury as soon as possible. If an employer suspects that a worker's claim has been falsified, legal action may be taken to resolve the matter.

Any business owner or employer in California who is concerned with workers' compensation fraud, may seek recommendations through consultation with an experienced employment attorney. Filing false claims, feigning injury on the job and otherwise deceiving an employer regarding an injury is illegal. Employers have the right to defend themselves against these types of fraud and do all in their power to legally protect their business interests in court.

Source:, "How To Detect Workers' Comp Fraud in Your Workplace", April 5, 2016

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