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Fighting a falsified injured worker claim in California

Most employees are honest when it comes to reporting an injury that occurred on the job and filing necessary documents to claim benefits in the aftermath of a workplace accident. There are those, however, who attempt to falsify an injured worker claim in order to abuse the system and seek personal financial gain. California employers must remain on-guard for signs of employee fraud in the workplace so that such situations can be immediately and aggressively addressed to deter other workers from committing similar acts in the future.

There are several common ways that workers attempt to fool the system when filing injury claims through their employers. One is to say that an injury took place on the job, when, in fact, such may not be the case. Other workers have exaggerated the extent of their injuries. Perhaps an accident involved a slightly pulled muscle but the claim states a much more serious condition.

Another form of workers' compensation fraud occurs when a worker is able to return to the job but remains at home longer than necessary, feigning a continued inability to perform workplace duties due to injury. Because the high costs of fraud are often transferred to policyholders through increased premiums, an employer will want to seek legal assistance as soon as possible when a particular claim becomes suspect. An experienced attorney can investigate the matter and determine whether there are grounds for legal action.

In California and throughout the nation, workers' compensation fraud remains problematic in many businesses. Even one falsified injured worker claim can impede the daily production and success in a workplace, not to mention the time away from work an employer may have to spend to legally resolve the issue. By contacting a business lawyer in the area, a concerned employer can gain clarification of the laws that govern such matters and determine how best to proceed to address a particular issue.

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