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California employer defense may involve video evidence

The running of a California business is comprised of many aspects related to finances, management and a myriad of other issues, including productivity and profitability. Any number of things can throw a wrench into the success of a business. Workers committing fraud by filing false compensation claims is definitely one of them. In such situations, several options may be available to build a strong employer defense. Often, this involves capturing video evidence of fraud in action.

There have been many reported incidents in which employees who have claimed to be unable to work due to injuries that happened on the job are seen in video surveillance films performing actions they supposedly are unable to do. For instance, a worker who claims to be unable to use his arm may then be seen on video using that arm to pitch at a softball game. Videos taken in similar situations have allowed employers to pursue justice against those who have unlawfully claimed compensation benefits for personal gain.

A firefighter from Connecticut was recently charged with collecting more than $6,000 in workers' comp benefits to which he apparently was not entitled. The man reportedly claimed to have injured his ankle at work, saying he was unable to return to his usual duties because of the severity of the injury. The 57-year-old man was arrested and charged after an investigation led authorities to believe that the man was working at a construction business he owned. 

The former firefighter has apparently admitted that he lied in a deposition related to the incidents. A California business owner in need of employer defense is able to seek guidance from a workers' compensation defense attorney in the area. Various steps can be taken to investigate a suspected fraudulent claim in order to protect business interests and seek legal accountability against any worker who has falsified documents.

Source:, "Coventry firefighter charged with perjury, Workers' Compensation fraud", April 15, 2016

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