How To Prevent Employee Fraud To Protect Business Interests

March 08, 2016
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Employee Fraud

Owning a business typically includes enormous obligations and responsibilities, especially if owners employ others within their companies. In California and beyond, many business owners find themselves facing employee fraud that places their immediate and future business success at risk. Business owners will want to take note of ways to prevent fraud from occurring in their companies, as well as what to do if they suspect a worker of committing fraudulent acts in the workplace.

Encouraging all employees to take vacations has been known to help prevent or uncover fraudulent behaviors in the workplace. Workers involved in fraud schemes apparently often avoid taking time off so they can more easily cover their tracks and avoid being caught. Requiring every employee to take a vacation is one way to make sure that no one person is always in control of company operations.

Performing unannounced inspections and routine checks on areas considered high-risk is another means for preventing fraud within a company. Especially regarding inventory and finances, meticulous and frequent inspections can help business owners uncover possible signs of fraudulent activity among workers. It is also important that employers conduct thorough background checks and verify all employment and educational histories before hiring new employees.

Unfortunately, even when California business owners remain vigilant in keeping watchful eyes over company assets and workers, many still find themselves adversely affected by employee fraud. Taking swift action by contacting an experienced attorney is often key to obtaining a satisfactory resolution to a problem. An attorney can aggressively defend an employer’s rights and act on a company’s behalf to recover any losses and protect business interests.

Source:, “Top 10 Tips to Fight Employee Fraud“, Rob Tamburri, Accessed on March 7, 2016

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