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Going to bat against employee fraud in California

Business owners and other employers are obligated to serve their employees in various capacities. For example, they are responsible for ensuring the safety of workers on the job. They are also required to purchase insurance packages that will provide compensation to workers to help pay medical bills and replace lost wages if workplace accidents resulting in injuries occurs. However, many company owners and employers in California and elsewhere find themselves battling employee fraud even when they have fulfilled their responsibilities and duties toward their workers.

There are several types of fraud that may greatly impede productivity and profitability in the workplace. Employers and company owners will want to be aware of these and all other forms of possible misrepresentation or illegal activities against their businesses. When a worker is suspected of fraud, there are steps an employer can take to seek justice.

One of most common forms of employee fraud involves workers' compensation. It is illegal for an employee to feign injury or illness in order to collect benefits. Many workers have been caught misrepresenting the severity of workplace injuries as well. Company owners are wise to guard against such fraudulent schemes by making certain that a worker has appropriate documentation and proof of medical care to back up a claim.

Inventory and monetary theft are also problems many California employers deal with on a regular basis. Some situations can be legally complicated, in which case it is typically best to seek experienced guidance in the matter before taking formal action against an employee. There are attorneys in the area who have successfully represented others against all forms of employee fraud who can investigate a claim and help make sure justice is served.

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