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Employee fraud prosecutable by law in California and all states

Most successful employers are always on the look out for possible fraud schemes in the workplace. Employee fraud seems to be a major problem in some businesses. California employers can take comfort, however, in knowing that the law is on their side when such legal challenges arise.

One of the most common types of employment fraud seems to be that of filing false workers' compensation claims. Because an employee does not have to prove that an injury was another party's fault in order to claim benefits, falsifying such claims seems to pose a great temptation to some workers. Such situations can be complicated, and employers often have to enlist outside help to conduct extensive investigations in order for the truth to be revealed.

Many employees have been caught stating that their injuries happened on the job when, in fact, they were actually hurt outside the workplace. Others have lied about the severity of their injuries or misrepresented symptoms in order to claim more benefits. In 1991, workers' compensation fraud became a felony offense.

Employers should not be subjected to increased workers' compensation insurance premiums to cover the cost of medical bills for an injury that occurred when a worker was on personal time. Knowing that attorneys have successfully litigated employee fraud issues for other employers may give those currently facing such problems in California confidence to move forward to pursue justice. A first logical step to take in the process would be to contact an experienced lawyer in the area to schedule a consultation.

Source:, "Workers' Compensation Fraud", Accessed on March 29, 2016

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