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Employee fraud prosecutable by law in California and all states

Most successful employers are always on the look out for possible fraud schemes in the workplace. Employee fraud seems to be a major problem in some businesses. California employers can take comfort, however, in knowing that the law is on their side when such legal challenges arise.

An injured worker claim could be be an act of fraud

California employers are obligated to purchase insurance that provides benefits to injured employees who are hurt on the job. When a workers' compensation claim is successfully filed, an employee receives compensation that can help pay medical bills and replace lost wages. However, an injured worker claim sometimes turns out to be fraudulent, in which case an employer has the right to take legal action.

Employee fraud scheme lands former postal worker in jail

California employers, like many others across the nation, are always on guard against fraud in the workplace. Many incidents involve misrepresented injuries, or otherwise fraudulent workers' compensation claims. Such situations can become serious obstacles to a business's daily ability to function. It is illegal to lie about a work injury. Any employer who believes employee fraud has taken place has the right to take legal action to resolve the problem.

Employee fraud ongoing problem in California

California business owners often face various situations that may potentially compromise the integrity and/or success of their businesses. Employee fraud is an ongoing issue for many that can have a long-lasting negative impact on the productivity and profitability of a company. A recent article listed several suggestions that may help employers prevent many types of fraud in the workplace.

Fighting against California employee fraud

California employers are always on guard against any type of fraudulent activities among workers. Obviously, claiming benefits for a misrepresented injury is one type of employee fraud that can quickly impede a company's success. Depending on an individual situation, an employer may determine that it is best to resolve such a problem with the help of the legal system.

Going to bat against employee fraud in California

Business owners and other employers are obligated to serve their employees in various capacities. For example, they are responsible for ensuring the safety of workers on the job. They are also required to purchase insurance packages that will provide compensation to workers to help pay medical bills and replace lost wages if workplace accidents resulting in injuries occurs. However, many company owners and employers in California and elsewhere find themselves battling employee fraud even when they have fulfilled their responsibilities and duties toward their workers.

Challenging a fraudulent injured worker claim in California

California business owners often face serious legal challenges in connection with compensation claims filed by workers who allege to have been injured on the job. Not every injured worker claim is legitimate. Companies often find need of legal assistance to fight against fraudulent claims that threaten business assets.

How to prevent employee fraud to protect business interests

Owning a business typically includes enormous obligations and responsibilities, especially if owners employ others within their companies. In California and beyond, many business owners find themselves facing employee fraud that places their immediate and future business success at risk. Business owners will want to take note of ways to prevent fraud from occurring in their companies, as well as what to do if they suspect a worker of committing fraudulent acts in the workplace.

Fighting employee fraud in California workplaces

The costs incurred by California business owners and taxpayers when employees misrepresent injuries or exaggerate compensation claims are often substantial. An employer has every right to protect business interests by aggressively investigating suspected employee fraud and pursuing justice when a situation warrants legal action. Some say that one of the best means of defending oneself against frivolous workers' comp claims is to take steps to prevent them altogether.

Where to seek defense against employee fraud in California

California workers who suffer injuries on the job can file legitimate workers' compensation claims to obtain benefits that can help pay medical bills and replace lost wages. However, many employers find themselves seeking defense against employee fraud when a worker who claims to have been injured at work was actually injured in the private sector, or wasn't even injured at all. In such situations, employers have the right to investigate the issues and defend themselves against frivolous claims.

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