Woman Caught In Act Of Employee Fraud

February 26, 2016
Sacks & Zolonz, LLP
Employee Fraud

California employers are used to delegating assignments, negotiating contracts, and handling any number of employee-relations issues that arise in the workplace. However, the potential legal challenges involved when an employer suspects a worker of employee fraud are sometimes complicated and difficult to resolve. In such circumstances, an employer may help protect company interests by seeking legal assistance from an experienced workers compensation attorney.

Employee fraud can have immediate and long-lasting negative effects on company profits. It is understandable that an employer would want to seek justice when a worker has taken advantage of the system by misrepresenting the severity of an injury or filing a claim for an injury that did not take place on the job. An experienced legal team is often able to collect evidence of fraud to aggressively defend a company and obtain a favorable outcome on an employer’s behalf.

In another state, one woman was recently criminally charged with felony theft for stealing workers’ compensation benefits through a fraudulent claim. Apparently, she had filed the claim, stating that her knee was injured as she chased a shoplifter in the grocery store where she was employed as a loss prevention specialist. Her employer permitted her to continue working with medical restrictions during the time period that she was receiving medical treatment for her supposed knee injury.

Sometime later, the woman confessed that she had a pre-existing knee condition and had falsified her claim so that she could get medical treatment at her employer’s expense. She has since been accused of stealing more than $11,000 in workers’ compensation benefits. California employers facing similar issues pertaining to suspected employee fraud may seek legal assistance by contacting an experienced workers’ compensation attorney in the area.

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