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Woman caught in act of employee fraud

California employers are used to delegating assignments, negotiating contracts and handling any number of employee-relations issues that arise in the workplace. However, the potential legal challenges involved when an employer suspects a worker of employee fraud are sometimes complicated and difficult to resolve. In such circumstances, an employer may help protect company interests by seeking legal assistance from an experienced workers' compensation attorney.

How to handle the legal challenges of employee fraud

California employers are obligated to provide insurance coverage through that helps workers pay medical bills and replace lost wages in the event that they are injured on the job. However, many employers have been burdened with false claims filed as acts of employee fraud. The potential stress caused by having to research and investigate such matters can certainly put a damper on a positive, productive atmosphere in the workplace.

Uninsured employers may threaten business viability

All workers in California are entitled to workers' compensation coverage in the event of them suffering workplace injuries. Uninsured employers will have to face severe consequences if such claims are filed. These may include fines and prosecution, and business owners may need the services of experienced workers' compensation defense attorneys to minimize the consequences.

Workers' compensation defense: Statute of limitations challenged

The finances of California businesses can be adversely affected by workers' compensation claims that lead to increased insurance premiums. In some cases, workers can challenge the benefits they receive, and employers may find the need for legal assistance to handle workers' compensation defense. A company in another state is appealing a court ruling to reinstate payment to a worker who was injured in August of 1993.

Woman pleads guilty to employee fraud for falsifying injury claim

Some workers in California and elsewhere file workers' compensation claims for non-existing or exaggerated injuries. Working another job or starting a small business while also receiving benefits checks may help resolve anybody's financial problems. However, the business at which the alleged injuries were suffered will have to pay increased insurance premiums. For this reason, company owners may benefit from exploring the ways in which employee fraud can be prevented.

Employee fraud can adversely affect company profits .

While an employer provides employees with the peace of mind that they will receive compensation for medical expenses in the event of workplace accidents, it is not uncommon for some workers to take advantage of the system and file false claims. Whenever a fraudulent workers' compensation claim is authorized, the insurance premium of the employer increases. This can have an adverse impact on a company's bottom line. Some California business owners may have little time to evaluate workers' injury claims before they are filed with the workers' compensation insurance system, and may unknowingly be the victims of employee fraud.

Employee fraud: California man faces charges of insurance fraud

Some California workers who have financial struggles attempt to use the state's worker's compensation system to boost their incomes. Employees sometimes fake injuries or exaggerate the severity of workplace injuries. In other cases, claims may be filed for injuries that are not work-related. Such employee fraud can be costly to employers because it will cause higher insurance premiums. This can have a severe impact on the profits of the company.

Employer defense: Worker's claim of PTSD rejected for benefits

Unfortunately, there are often reports of cases in which employees in California and elsewhere take advantage of the system by filing fraudulent claims. Sometimes the validity of the claims are difficult to challenge, and experienced employer defense may be required to protect the business owner from unnecessary increases in insurance premiums. A case that went all the way to the special workers' comp branch of the Supreme Court in another state demonstrates just one of the tactics of some workers filing fraudulent claims.

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