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January 2016 Archives

This dancing hamster is guilty of employee fraud

Workers' compensation is an important protection for workers who are injured while on the job. These benefits can help families avoid devastating financial consequences that can follow a serious work-related injury, and can give workers the ability to focus on getting better and getting back to work, which is a goal shared by both employees and employers. However, there are many cases in which California workers take steps to defraud both their employer and the system. Employee fraud is a serious issue, and one that drives up costs for everyone, including the rest of the company's workforce.

Employee fraud: Trucker works while banking disability benefits

Some business owners in California have experienced situations in which they suffered the financial consequences of fraudulent workers' compensation claims. Employee fraud is prevalent, and, to protect themselves, employers need to know what to look out for when injury claims are assessed. A man in another state was recently sentenced in a common pleas court for defrauding the insurance system.

Workers' compensation fraud issues that can lead to litigation

When it comes to workers' compensation, California company owners will likely face legal issues at some time. Not only do they have to work through the insurance-related legal requirements for businesses, but they may also have to deal will fraudulent workers' injury claims from time to time. The insurance system in another state reported that convictions were obtained for nine individuals who committed workers' compensation fraud.

Fatal work accident with lathe may require employer defense

Every work environment comes with its own risk of injury regardless of the industry. Even those simply doing office work in California may end up hurting themselves in one way or another. However, workplaces that require employees to use heavy machinery generally have a higher chance of a serious workplace accident occurring that could result in an injured worker claim. Launching an employer defense may be required in certain instances.

How can employers identify potential employee fraud?

As long as workers' compensation insurance covers employees, there will be those who take advantage of the system. It is often suggested that California employers be aware of potential employee fraud and abuse of privileges, and learn how to handle such problems if they arise. The failure to understand the methods used to defraud the workers' compensation system can result in unnecessary increases in insurance premiums and a negative impact on company profits.

Plastics company faced with employer defense challenge

Prevention is the key to maintaining a safe workplace and avoiding injuries to workers and employees. This is why there are rules that regulate the safety standards of every industry in California. However, sometimes an employer ends up not meeting these standards for one reason or another. This can result in serious legal problems that could require an employer defense strategy to deal with citations issued by work safety authorities.

Workers' compensation: Conviction follows lack of insurance

Business owners in California are required to provide workers' compensation coverage for all their employees. To avoid criminal prosecution, most company owners comply with this law. Business executives may want to ensure their policies don't lapse because the financial consequences of the lack of insurance may be severe.

Concrete pump malfunction can cause injured worker claim

Most of the time, those working in construction are generally safe from injury or harm. Nevertheless, compared to many other occupations in other industries, construction workers tend to have a higher chance of being injured in a workplace accident in California. This can easily result in an injured worker claim which could require an employer defense strategy.

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