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December 2015 Archives

Uninsured employers may not actually realize they lack coverage

Employers have legal responsibilities when it comes to their employees. The law requires employers in California to carry workers' compensation insurance in order to protect their workers in the case of a workplace injury. Uninsured employers may face serious legal consequences for failing to comply with this requirement. Therefore, it is essential for an employer to periodically make sure the employer's insurance coverage is intact.

Former officer charged with alleged employee fraud

Business owners in California secure workers' compensation insurance to ensure their workers can get appropriate financial aid when they suffer the effects of workplace accidents. While most employees pursue legal claims for benefits, some may file fraudulent claims for nonexistent injuries or exaggerate the severity of injuries. Professionals with the experience to weed out employee fraud may be a valuable asset to any company.

Employer's appeal successful against injured worker claim award

Employers nationwide, including here in California, may benefit by keeping a lookout for suspicious looking workers' compensation claims. Every injured worker claim affects the company's insurance premiums, and if fraudulent claims go unnoticed, the impact on company profits can be significant. A business owner in another state recently won an appeal in a case that had previously been decided in favor of the worker.

California employer sentenced for workers' compensation fraud

The former owner of a California company that installs drywall was recently sentenced to 120 days behind bars followed by probation for three years. The sentence followed a conviction on payroll and workers' compensation fraud. He will also have to pay the defrauded insurance company more than $262,000 for underpaid premiums. Furthermore, over $160,000 of stolen wages was repaid to workers during the prosecution of the case.

Janitor convicted of employee fraud after staging his own injury

There are many actions that can have negative impacts on companies' profits. California business owners know that employee fraud is definitely an action that can affect the bottom line. A former janitor of a company in another state is awaiting sentencing after he was found guilty of filing a false workers' compensation claim for a faked injury. In this case, the worker reportedly claimed for injuries suffered when an industrial-sized floor buffer landed on his chest.

Injured worker claim must be filed in the state of the accident

Company owners in California whose business activities require employees to travel to other states in the line of duty may be interested in a recent court case in another state. The lawsuit involves a man who filed for workers' compensation benefits in a different state from the one in which he suffered an injury. Determining jurisdiction in the event of such an injured worker claim may be tricky.

Alleged employee fraud leads to arrest of mechanic

There are various types of workers' compensation fraud, one of which involves the submission of fraudulent claims. Employee fraud occurs when a worker intentionally files a false claim that contains false statements or conceals information to obtain benefits from the workers' compensation program. Companies in California and elsewhere can suffer significant losses through such fraudulent claims, and many have protocols in place to identify claims that need further scrutiny.

Uninsured employers may put their businesses on the line

Under state law, California employers must obtain workers' compensation insurance coverage, even if they have only one employee and even if employees are temporary workers. Company owners are responsible for the payment of the insurance premiums and may not use employee money to help pay for it. Uninsured employers may be subjected to the suspension of a contractor's registration and eligibility to bid or work on public works projects.

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