Unexpected Building Collapse Could Result In Injured Worker Claim

November 05, 2015
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Things do not always go as planned. There are infinite numbers of unexpected things that could happen in practically any situation. This is definitely true for the workplace in California. An unexpected accident can easily lead to an injured worker claim and possibly a need for an employer defense.

One construction worker experienced this type of situation in a recent demolition accident. The incident occurred during a demolition project of a building that was being torn down in order to make room for a new luxury boutique hotel. Somehow, the building the construction crew had been working on ended up collapsing.

The local fire department stated that the building had essentially collapsed into a V shape with the construction worker directly underneath. Basically, the construction worker was located at the most dangerous part of the collapse. Seventeen other workers managed to escape the collapse. However, this particular worker ended up being trapped underneath.

Luckily, the worker was eventually rescued by emergency responders. The rescue effort lasted approximately three hours. The worker was in serious but stable condition as of the latest reports released to the public.

Although it is always unfortunate when a worker is injured on the job in California or any other state, the construction company will also have to look out for its own financial interests. This means being ready with an employer defense strategy in the case of an injured worker claim. Also, the employer should be aware of possible fines being issued for safety violations.

Source: wnyc.com, “Construction Worker Killed After Building Collapse in Midtown“, October 30, 2015

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