Fedex May Need Employer Defense After Fatal Workplace Accident

November 26, 2015
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The larger a company becomes the more employees it will eventually need in order to continue growing and operating. This means a higher probability of a workplace accident occurring in California. FedEx is one of these large international corporations, and it may now require an employer defense after a recent fatal workplace accident.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time the company has faced this type of problem. Including the recent incident, the company has been investigated by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration three times over the last five years in relation to deaths resulting from workplace accidents. The company is legally required to report any injuries and deaths to OSHA. FedEx has faced several fines related to workplace safety violations in the past.

The most recent incident happened when a 39-year-old worker was driving a tug during an early morning shift in late November. The tug, a large vehicle, is normally used to move merchandise between FedEx airplanes and warehouses. Somehow the worker ended up crashing the tug into a parked trailer. The man was discovered already dead underneath the loaded trailer of the tug.

Just like any other employer in California would be doing, FedEx will be keeping a close eye on what turns up in the OSHA investigation. If OSHA discovers any safety violations, the company may be issued citations and fines. This can be financially detrimental to the company.  Fortunately, the company can launch an employer defense strategy in order to appeal  any forthcoming citations.

Source:, “FedEx employee killed in accident, company facing OSHA investiga“, Nov. 24, 2015

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