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October 2015 Archives

Prison guard suspected of employee fraud

Being honest and telling the truth is a basic value of society. Many times, this value is reflected in the laws governing society, particularly in the workplace in California. However, when a worker fails to be truthful in a workers' compensation claim, it can be financially damaging to an employer. This is why employers should always be wary of the potential of employee fraud.

Employer defense effective in challenging OSHA citations

Employers are required to follow certain work safety regulations when they hire employees in California. This helps to minimize the risk of an employee being hurt in a workplace accident, which can result in an injured worker claim. However, even when an employer complies with necessary safety measures, an employee can still end up being hurt or even killed in an unfortunate incident that could require employer defense.

New OSHA reporting rules can increase need of employer defense

Employers from all industries must adhere to various rules and regulations regarding reporting of workplace injuries. Many times, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will change the reporting requirements for employers in California and everywhere else in the country. This is what OSHA recently did when it revised reporting requirements, which will become effective at the beginning of 2016. Failure to properly adhere to these requirements can result in penalties and possibly the need for employer defense action on the part of an employer.

Employer defense can be an answer to work safety citations

It is definitely not a good thing for an employer to be investigated by authorities following a workplace accident. If authorities discover any safety violations, it could result in serious financial consequences for an employer in California. An employer defense strategy may be needed if citations are issued against the employer.

Employer defense may be needed after injury to intoxicated worker

The following is a scenario in which a California construction worker reports for work, and although he seems to be not quite sober, he performs his duties adequately. However, sometime during his shift, he falls from a scaffolding structure and suffers severe injuries. While he is treated at the hospital, it is determined that his blood alcohol level exceeded the legal limit. An employer will naturally assume that -- under these circumstances -- a workers' compensation claim would be invalid because of the worker's intoxication. Unfortunately, this assumption can be wrong, and a company owner may require the services of an attorney to provide an employer defense to navigate the denial of primary liability for a work injury such as this one.

Former judge sentenced after committing employee fraud

When California workers suffer workplace injuries, the workers' compensation program is there to provide financial support. The insurance system typically covers medical expenses and a portion of lost wages. Unfortunately, some employees take advantage of the fact that this is a no-fault system, resulting in instances of employee fraud.

Employer defense may help company after safety citations

It is important for an employer to do what is possible to prevent workplace accidents. Not only can this help to avoid unnecessary suffering for employees in California, it can also help to prevent an injured worker claim, which could be financially damaging to an employer in any industry. Additionally, avoiding possible citations from work safety authorities can eliminate the need for an employer defense.

Employee fraud can jeopardize business profits

Business owners in California provide workers with the peace of mind in knowing that they are entitled to financial relief in the event of a workplace accident. Nevertheless, companies typically have to be on the lookout for workers who take advantage of the fact that the workers' compensation system is a no-fault program. Unfortunately, employee fraud is prevalent, and companies must be careful to safeguard against this form of abuse.

Construction company apparent victim of employee fraud

Employers should always do proper background checks in order to avoid hiring dishonest and untrustworthy individuals. However, things do not always go as planned, and employers in California often end up hiring exactly those types of people. This may have been what happened to one construction company recently when it became a victim of employee fraud.

Injured worker claim turns into wrongful death suit in California

There are certain substances in this world that can make a person ill. Sometimes a substance can even cause death. Unfortunately, it turns out one construction worker was repeatedly exposed to a substance without knowing its dangers, and he ended up dying from the effects of asbestos in California. This resulted in an injured worker claim and a prolonged legal dispute between the worker's family and his employer.

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