Construction Company May Face Injured Worker Claim After Accident

September 21, 2015
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Work Injury

One cannot plan for everything. There will always be a chance that something unexpected will occur. This also includes any type of workplace in California. However, sometimes the unexpected can result in a workplace injury that could ultimately lead to an injured worker claim. This can be a potential problem for many employers.

This may turn out to be the case following a recent workplace accident that occurred at a construction site. The incident happened in mid-September after a construction worker had suffered what is reported to be a potentially serious injury. Much of the details of the construction accident have yet to be released to the public by authorities.

However, it is known that the injury involved some type of pressurized equipment. Apparently, the construction crew members were using the machinery on top of a manhole. Somehow the machinery ended up malfunctioning. This may have resulted in something striking the construction worker, causing significant injury; however, at the moment, there are no reports detailing what exactly struck the worker.

Investigators are still looking into the incident in order to better understand the possible causes of the construction site accident. However, it is now likely that the construction worker who was later hospitalized will file an injured worker claim. Just like with any workplace accident in California, this can result in significant financial problems for an employer in terms of an increase in insurance premiums. It is possible that various employer defense strategies may be available that can help limit liability.

Source:, “Worker suffers serious injury at Stafford construction site“, Jeff Branscome, Sept. 15, 2015

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