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September 2015 Archives

Employer defense may help paper mill after fatal accident

Death can be an uneasy thing to deal with when people come face to face with it. This can be especially difficult when it occurs unexpectedly. Industrial work sites are notorious for being particularly dangerous in California. One employer may need an employer defense following a recent fatal industrial accident that could result in an injured worker claim. The employer immediately brought in counselors in order to help workers cope with the sudden death of a co-worker.

Construction company may face injured worker claim after accident

One cannot plan for everything. There will always be a chance that something unexpected will occur. This also includes any type of workplace in California. However, sometimes the unexpected can result in a workplace injury that could ultimately lead to an injured worker claim. This can be a potential problem for many employers.

Employer defense can save money for any company in California

Industrial workers perform important tasks that many depend upon on a daily basis in California. This is why it is unfortunate when an industrial accident occurs that causes injury to an industrial worker. It is even worse when an accident results in the death of an employee. These types of situations can easily result in an injured worker claim, which could prompt an employer to form an employer defense strategy.

Supermarket faces OSHA citations, employer defense may be useful

Employers should always do what they can to prevent workplace accidents from occurring. However, despite an employer's best efforts, there is always a possibility of something unexpected occurring that could prompt citations for work safety violations. In this case, an employer defense strategy may be useful in California.

Employer defense may help minimize liabilities in California

There are various factors that could increase the dangers of a workplace. Construction sites are notorious for being full of dangers that could potentially cause a workplace injury resulting in an injured worker claim. Employer defense is one option that could help an employer minimize the financial damage caused by a claim filed by a worker hurt on the job in California.

Beauty queen sentenced for commiting employee fraud

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, whether a workplace injury is legitimate is a more objective type of determination in California. It turns out one former beauty queen is finding this out the hard way. She just pleaded guilty to employee fraud and has been formally sentenced for committing workers' compensation fraud.

Beer brewing accident could result in injured worker claim

California readers may have heard about a woman working at a beer brewing company in another state who was badly burned in a recent workplace accident. The woman had earned several awards as a beer brewer and was working as the head brewer at Edge Brewing Co. It remains to be seen if she will file an injured worker claim as a result of the incident.

All employers may be subject to an injured worker claim

Not all companies have the same view when it comes to maintaining safety in the workplace in California. Some companies have become known for their emphasis on creating a safe work environment. Mortenson Construction has been one of these companies known for going above and beyond in promoting a work culture that values safety. However, as the construction firm found out, even adherence to safety precautions does not always prevent a possible accident, which can result in an injured worker claim.

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