Man May Be Considering Injured Worker Claim Following Accident

August 01, 2015
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It is never a good thing when a worker is injured at a workplace in California. Fortunately, the law requires employers to have workers compensation insurance in place in the case of something unexpected occurring at the workplace. This helps make sure an injured worker receives his or her fair share of financial assistance while recovering from a workplace injury. However, it is also important for employers to make sure that the injured worker claim is accurate when describing the injuries sustained.

One employer may want to consider doing this following a recent workplace accident that left an employee injured. The worker, who is employed at Allied Specialty Foods Inc., was recently injured while on the job. The accident which happened one afternoon in late July resulted in injuries to several of the man’s fingers. The exact injuries suffered have yet to be released in the latest reports available to the public.

Paramedics immediately responded to the scene of the incident. The injured worker was then airlifted to a nearby medical facility in order to receive treatment for injuries. The details of the accident and the potential cause of the incident has yet to be revealed.

Now the worker will likely require time off from work and will be looking for a way to pay for the medical bills resulting from this incident. He may consider doing this by filing for benefits via workers’ compensation insurance. However, just like with any other injured worker claim in California, the benefits received should be based on the true extent of the employee’s actual injuries. Therefore, it may be a good idea for an employer to make sure that an employee is not receiving more benefits than legally deserved, since this can cause insurance premiums to increase significantly.

Source:, “Vineland worker injured in industrial accident“, Deborah M. Marko, July 29, 2015

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