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August 2015 Archives

Hot dog cart operator guilty of employee fraud

It is great when people decide to go into business for themselves. However, if a person is also receiving disability benefits from workers' compensation, this can cause a serious legal problem in California. It can also be financially detrimental to an employer who is paying the premiums for the insurance covering the benefits received. One worker who had decided to try and take advantage of the system recently pleaded guilty to criminal charges of employee fraud.

Pipe shard kills worker -- employer defense for OSHA inquiry?

Life is full of random circumstances and occurrences. Although an employer can attempt to thoroughly prepare for possible accidents, there is always the possibility of an incident occurring at a California workplace. This can result in a worker being injured or even killed. Employer defense strategies can help in reducing any claims exposure or with regard to citations for any safety violations resulting from the fatal incident.

Accident can result in injured worker claim in California

There are many ways in which an accident can occur at a construction site in California. One of the most dangerous types of accidents is when a large structure unexpectedly collapses. Therefore, employers should make sure that all structures are secured and all safety precautions are followed. However, despite making the best efforts, this type of incident can still occur and can result in an injured worker claim and the need for employer defense.

Cook awaits sentencing for employee fraud charges in California

When a worker is injured on the job, he or she has the right to obtain financial assistance via workers' compensation in order to help during recovery time. However, there are some employees who abuse the system in order to obtain benefits from workers' compensation that they do not deserve. This can result in criminal charges against a worker committing employee fraud. It turns out one man is now in this type of predicament in California.

Employer defense may be required after fatal industrial accident

Most employers care about the well-being of their workers. This is why employers usually take special care to ensure the safety of workplaces in California. However, there are some types of workplaces that inherently have more hazards than others. An industrial workplace is one of these types of work environments, meaning the hazards present also increase the chances of the need for employer defense.

Worker files multiple fraudulent workers' compensation claims

Employers in California are required to provide workers' compensation insurance coverage for their workers. Instead of accepting coverage as a benefit, some workers choose to misrepresent their injuries and file fraudulent workers' compensation claims. Tactics may include false declarations of the manner in which injuries occurred or exaggerations about the severity of the workplace injuries.

Man dies in industrial accident, employer defense may be needed

Working in an industrial site can be dangerous, which requires workers to always be vigilant and aware of their surroundings. This can help avoid serious workplace injuries as well as avoid the need for an injured worker claim or employer defense in California. However, even when workers are adhering to safety regulations, an accident may end up occurring at an industrial site.

Energy company may need employer defense following fatal accident

The energy industry is essential since it helps to make sure most things in society operate and run in some fashion or another. This requires hard labor to turn the earth's natural resources into usable energy sources in California. However, this also means industrial crews are required to work with heavy machinery, which can be dangerous. On the other hand, a workplace injury can also be detrimental to the employer and can result in the need for employer defense.

Construction worker dies, OSHA investigation may commence

Everyday can bring surprises. However, at construction sites, surprises can turn out to be deadly. Unfortunately, this was the case in a recent workplace accident that occurred outside of California that will, more than likely, result in an OSHA investigation and possibly lead to the need for an employer defense strategy.

Man may be considering injured worker claim following accident

It is never a good thing when a worker is injured at a workplace in California. Fortunately, the law requires employers to have workers' compensation insurance in place in the case of something unexpected occurring at the workplace. This helps make sure an injured worker receives his or her fair share of financial assistance while recovering from a workplace injury. However, it is also important for employers to make sure that the injured worker claim is accurate when describing the injuries sustained.

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