Possible Citations Will Require Employer Defense Strategy

July 09, 2015
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Construction companies should always be looking to improve the safety of their work environments in order to avoid possible future legal problems resulting from workplace accidents in California. This is particularly important since construction workers are always working around heavy machinery and tall heights that could increase the chances of severe injury or even death when an incident occurs at a construction site. Employer defense may be required in the case of an injured worker claim or citations from work safety authorities.

A construction company may find itself in this type of situation following a recent workplace accident that proved to be fatal. The incident happened one morning at a work site at a new building. The construction crew had been installing a new roof for Custom Floral Design at the time. Apparently, a worker fell approximately 20 feet onto a concrete floor.

The construction worker had reportedly fallen through some insulation before finally landing on the concrete. The local sheriff’s department responded to the emergency call at approximately 9:15 a.m. The construction worker was transported to a local hospital. However hospital workers were unable to save the man, and he ended up dying as a result of his injuries sustained in the fall.

Just like in any fatal workplace accident in California, the work safety authorities joined the local sheriff’s department is investigating the incident. They would have undoubtedly been looking for potential work safety violations that could have contributed to causing the accident. This could result in a need for an employer defense strategy if authorities accuse the employer of safety violations.

Source: patch.com, “Man Dies After Falling 20 Feet In Workplace Accident“, Kristal Dixon, June 26, 2015

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