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July 2015 Archives

Mother arrested for fraudulent workers' compensation claims

It is important to look out for one's family in California. However, sometimes it is one's own family that can be a bad influence, leading some people to make poor life decisions. Unfortunately, this seems to have been the case for one mother who had apparently convinced her own daughters to take part in a fraudulent workers' compensation claims scheme.

Employer defense can be used to appeal OSHA citations

Ensuring the safety of workers is typically a top priority for any employer in California. However, there are times that workplace accidents happen despite an employer's best efforts. This is unfortunate for the injured worker as well as the employer, especially if work safety violations result in the need for launching an employer defense.

Many employers worry about employee fraud, yet remain unprepared

Business owners in California should always be looking to reduce wasteful and unnecessary spending. Although many business owners and managers know how to make their daily operations more efficient, few know how to detect fraudulent workers' compensation claims. This can be important in keeping a business profitable, since employee fraud can cause workers' compensation premiums to increase, which ultimately costs businesses more money.

Chemical accident has Dupont pursuing an employer defense

Many industrial work sites, including quite a few in California, are risky due to the amount of dangerous chemicals commonly present. This can cause a worker to suffer serious injuries if proper safeguards are not maintained. Safety violations can result in citations from work safety inspectors. A strong employer defense strategy may be the key to protecting business interests.

Worker falls 40 feet, injured worker claim possible

Construction workers put themselves at risk on a daily basis in California. One of the most common dangers that they have to deal with is working from tall heights. Unfortunately, one construction worker recently fell from a tall height and was critically injured. This may result in an injured worker claim.

Employer defense required after OSHA citations

The unexpected death of a worker is understandably devastating for the worker's family and his or her community in California. One community in another state was recently faced with this situation following a workplace accident that occurred about a year ago. Dozens recently gathered to remember the victim who lost his life while on the job. However, the tragedy of the fatal workplace accident also affects the employer who may now require an employer defense.

Possible citiations will require employer defense strategy

Construction companies should always be looking to improve the safety of their work environments in order to avoid possible future legal problems resulting from workplace accidents in California. This is particularly important since construction workers are always working around heavy machinery and tall heights that could increase the chances of severe injury or even death when an incident occurs at a construction site. Employer defense may be required in the case of an injured worker claim or citations from work safety authorities.

Worker crushed in fatal accident, employer defense may be needed

Factory workers in California need to be especially careful and aware of their surroundings. This type of work environment comes with various dangers that could result in a serious workplace accident. It is not uncommon for factory workers to be surrounded by heavy machinery and large objects that could be deadly if one is not careful. However, if a fatal accident does occur, it is likely that there will be an investigation by work safety authorities resulting in a potential need for an employer defense.

Employer defense maybe needed after work falls off boom truck

It takes significant amounts of human resources in order to maintain a city's infrastructure. This includes upgrading various aspects of city streets. Recently, one city in California contracted an electrical and lighting company to replace thousands of city streetlights. However, during the process of upgrading the city streetlights, one worker was killed, which could result in a need for the subcontracting company to prepare an employer defense legal strategy.

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