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June 2015 Archives

Uninsured employers may end up behind bars in California

Employers are legally required to provide workers' compensation insurance for employees in California. Failure to do so can result in serious legal repercussions, including fines or even time behind bars for uninsured employers. It turns out one employer has recently found himself in this type of situation.

Worker pleads guilty to employee fraud charges

The law is made to protect everybody from being exploited. In business, this includes workers as well as employers in California. However, sometimes an employee will take advantage of the system by exaggerating an injury in order to unfairly obtain benefits via workers' compensation. This can result in criminal charges of employee fraud with the potential for serious penalties.

Roller coaster accident may result in injured worker claim

Amusement parks are a place made for fun and carefree time spent with family and friends. However, it can also be a dangerous place if one is not aware of his or her surroundings. This is why employers should always properly train workers to conduct themselves carefully when working around roller coasters. Failure to do so can result in a workplace accident and possibly an injured worker claim in California.

Helicopter worker dies, employer defense may be needed

Employers already have a challenging time with everything that has to do with managing a business in California. However, being an employer becomes even more challenging the the face of a workplace accident. Not only does this come with the potential of an injured worker claim, it can also result in an employer being cited for safety violations. In these cases, a company may want to consider taking legal action in order to implement an employer defense strategy.

Former officer pleads guilty to employee fraud charges

Workers who are injured while on the job deserve to be protected. This is why workers' compensation insurance exists in California. However, there are some instances where workers end up taking advantage of the system by fraudulently obtaining benefits. This can result in employee fraud charges being filed against a worker.

Even Uninsured Employers Need Love

When you look to categorize employers in Workers' Compensation most fall into one of two categories: insured and self -insured. They are the "good" employers since they took the steps to take care of their injured workers. Yet there is another category consisting of the despised and reviled employers who have no coverage of any kind in place: uninsured employers. The common perception is that they are this way (uninsured) out of an intention to save a buck. In our California legal system these uninsured employers are formally referred to as "illegally uninsured" and they are statutory criminals. They are suspect in their testimony (as recounted by some in our judiciary) because, after all, they are trying to protect themselves from their own misfeasance by not procuring the mandatory insurance coverage. Their employees do not have the constrictions or benefits of a medical provider network, and utilization review does not exist for them. Injured workers are free to seek whomsoever they wish to treat them and there are no formal checks on the amount or nature of the treatment, contrary to the way it exists with insured employers and utilization review of treatment.

Industrial company may need employer defense due to OSHA

Having an employee lose his or her life is something that any employer would want to avoid if at all possible. However, many times life does not turn out as one plans, and a fatal workplace accident may occur in California. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened recently in an industrial work site accident which left one man dead. Now, the employer is being investigated by work safety authorities, which could result in a need for employer defense.

Employer defense is an option for construction company

Head injuries can be the most devastating of injuries. Many times these types of injuries can cause permanent disabilities or even death. This is why construction workers in California and elsewhere should be extra careful to avoid traumatic blows to the head. However, despite best efforts, this type of injury is a common occurrence that can result in the need for a company to implement an employer defense.

Manufacturing company may need employer defense strategy

Manufacturing is an important industry since it is responsible for creating the materials needed to build just about everything in society. This requires significant human labor and, in many instances, puts people in some physically dangerous situations in California. If one is not careful, he or she can become the victim of a serious or fatal workplace accident. Such an accident can result in a company needing an employer defense strategy.

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