Injured Worker Claim Possible After Construction Site Accident

May 12, 2015
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Work Injury

Construction sites are usually full of potential dangers for workers. This is why employers are required to maintain compliance with safety standards for construction sites in California. However, even with appropriate safety compliance, an accident can happen, which may result in an injured worker claim against the construction company.

This may turn out to be the case in the aftermath of a recent construction accident. The incident occurred one morning in early May and resulted in two workers being injured. At the time, workers were attempting to hoist up a support beam. Apparently, the support beam ended up falling from several stories above the ground; however, authorities have not determined exactly how this may have occurred.

One construction worker on the second floor of the building was hurt while attempting to dodge the falling support beam, and another worker was injured when his safety line was snagged by the falling object. Both workers had on their appropriate safety equipment at the time of the accident. The two workers were immediately transported to a local hospital in order to treat their injuries, which were not considered life-threatening.

Although the employer is undoubtedly grateful that the two workers had survived, the accident may result in an injured worker claim. This type of situation can be financially detrimental to a company in California. Also, work safety authorities may investigate the construction site for possible safety violations. Therefore, it is important that an employer understands its legal rights and how they pertain to the specific circumstances.

Source:, “2 hurt in construction site accident at Brickell City Centre“, Alexandra Fruin, May 8, 2015

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