Injured Worker Claim Can Result From Excavator Accident

May 28, 2015
Sacks & Zolonz, LLP
Work Injury

Heavy machinery is necessary for many types of jobs. This type of equipment is most common at construction and industrial sites in California. However, workers need to be careful when working with heavy machinery, since an accident can result in serious injuries or even death in worst-case scenarios. Therefore, employers should ensure that proper safety procedures are followed to prevent workplace injuries that could result in an injured worker claim.

Unfortunately, at least one worker was recently injured while using heavy machinery at an industrial site. The accident happened in mid-May when the worker was injured in the accident which involved an excavator. However, it is still unclear as to whether the worker was operating the excavator or simply in its vicinity when the accident occurred. Authorities are now currently investigating the incident to reveal more clues that could lead to the cause of the incident.

At least one person was flown to the hospital following the accident involving the heavy machinery. The authorities have yet to release the identity of the injured industrial worker. It is not yet known whether there were any other workers injured in the accident.

Although it is definitely unfortunate that an injury has occurred, it is important for the employer to be ready for a possible injured worker claim. The benefits received from workers compensation should be based upon actual injuries suffered by a worker in California. Many times, workers are awarded more in benefits than is needed for the actual injuries incurred. Also, the employer will also want to be ready to defend itself in case citations for safety violations are issued.

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