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Worker found guilty of fraudulent workers' compensation claims

Workers' compensation is an important part of the labor market. It is essential in helping injured workers get back on their feet after accidents in California. However, many times workers will abuse the system in order to obtain workers' compensation benefits illegally through fraudulent workers' compensation claims. This type of fraudulent activity can be highly detrimental to an unsuspecting employer.

This is what one worker has been convicted of doing in a recent court case. The man was just sentenced after being convicted of fraud for secretly working while receiving benefits from workers' compensation insurance. The defendant ended up pleading guilty to a first-degree misdemeanor -- workers' compensation fraud. The man was sentenced in late February.

Authorities became suspicious after they received tips that the man was working while at the same time receiving benefits from workers' compensation insurance. Apparently, he was receiving full disability benefits at the time. Investigators discovered the man had started working for a non-profit organization as a coordinator. They also found that he had been purposely concealing his work activities so he could continue to receive benefits.

As a result of being convicted of employee fraud, the man was ordered by the court to pay $4,442.07 in restitution. If he does not pay the restitution he could end up behind bars for 180 days. An employer who suspects a worker has filed fraudulent workers' compensation claims, such as in this recent case, may want to take legal action in a California court. However, the employer will need to make sure to collect the correct type of evidence in order to prove the worker is indeed committing employee fraud.

Source:, "Pickerington man sentenced for workers' comp fraud", March 6, 2015

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