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Cashier sentenced after committing employee fraud

Most California employers likely recognize the importance of protecting their employees against workplace injuries. When workers are absent from work due to on-the-job injuries, there are financial impacts for the companies. Regardless of an employer's compliance with safety regulations, it is not uncommon for workers to commit employee fraud by filing false workers' compensation claims.

An example of such fraud is a cashier in another state who set up reasons for her workers' compensation claim by accusing her supervisor of assaulting her in 2013. She filed a complaint with the local police department and subsequently filed a workers' compensation claim for injuries suffered during the alleged assault. However, investigations by the workers' compensation board found no evidence of an assault and determined that the supervisor was falsely accused.

The employee was charged with two felony charges of false statements and one of insurance fraud. Filing workers' compensation claims for injuries that never occurred is illegal. It is regarded as fraud, and an employee who files fraudulent claims may have to face criminal charges. He or she will generally be arrested and charged, and, if found guilty, a conviction may follow. In this case, the worker was sentenced to a probation period of five years for each felony charge, along with an order to pay $1850 to cover the cost of the investigation.

If an employer in California suspects an employee of committing employee fraud by filing a false workers' compensation claim, the employer may benefit from retaining the services of an experienced attorney who focuses on holding employees responsible for illegal claims. A lawyer will analyze the claim for indications of fraud that can be used as evidence. Any employer has the right to protect his or her business by taking action against anybody who attempts to defraud the company.

Source:, "Former cashier who accused manager of assault pleads guilty to three felonies", March 2, 2015

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