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March 2015 Archives

Temporary worker violations can result in OSHA investigation

All workers should be provided ample protection from harm at the workplace. This also includes temporary workers who may be contracted from a staffing agency in California. Accordingly, it is important for employers and staffing agencies to understand their legal obligations in work safety compliance for temporary workers. This may help to prevent a workplace accident or in handling an OSHA investigation after an incident.

Worker arrested on employee fraud charges

It is important for workers to have some type of protection in the case of an unexpected on-the-job accident. This is why most employees who are injured in a workplace accident will typically have the opportunity to apply for benefits via workers' compensation in California. However, there are some workers who are not completely honest when applying for compensation benefits. This can result in employee fraud charges being pursued against a worker.

Employers should watch out for employee fraud in California

It is good for employers to be vigilant in all aspects of their business. Not only does this include watching profit margins and costs, it also means being vigilant when it comes to workplace safety in California. This can help to avoid future workers' compensation claims. However, if an employee files for benefits, the employer should also be vigilant in detecting employee fraud.

Ignoring operating procedures can result in OSHA investigation

It is important for a company to put operating procedures in place in order for workers to avoid confusion and for the business to run efficiently. At California facilities utilizing heavy machinery, this is particularly important in order to maintain workplace safety. Failure to do so can cause a worker to be injured or even killed, which could result in an OSHA investigation.

Epilepsy : Walking the line between privacy and a safe workplace

Workplace injuries are bad for everyone. Employers in Los Angeles genuinely want to keep workplaces safe for many reasons beyond simply complying with state and federal laws regulations or preventing workers’ compensation claims. For employers, sometimes following the letter of the law is much easier said than done.

Explosion in oil plant may result in injured worker claim

Oil, in all its forms, is an important part of California's economy. However, managing and processing oil requires significant human resources. If one is not careful when working with this or other flammable materials, an explosion can occur, which could be followed by an injured worker claim and possibly an OSHA investigation.

Employer faces OSHA investigation after worker is impaled

Safety in the workplace is always of utmost importance. Strict adherence to safety regulations helps to ensure that workers are safe from the serious injuries that could result from unexpected accidents at workplaces in California. On the other hand, ensuring worker safety can also help an employer avoid having to deal with an OSHA investigation.

Worker found guilty of fraudulent workers' compensation claims

Workers' compensation is an important part of the labor market. It is essential in helping injured workers get back on their feet after accidents in California. However, many times workers will abuse the system in order to obtain workers' compensation benefits illegally through fraudulent workers' compensation claims. This type of fraudulent activity can be highly detrimental to an unsuspecting employer.

Cashier sentenced after committing employee fraud

Most California employers likely recognize the importance of protecting their employees against workplace injuries. When workers are absent from work due to on-the-job injuries, there are financial impacts for the companies. Regardless of an employer's compliance with safety regulations, it is not uncommon for workers to commit employee fraud by filing false workers' compensation claims.

Construction accident can prompt injured worker claim

Risk is an important consideration when a person decides to work in the California construction industry. Due to the types of environments to which construction workers are generally exposed, they must take extra care to maintain proper safety precautions. Much of this has to do with the large and heavy machinery construction workers typically deal with on a daily basis. An accident involving heavy machinery often results in an injured worker claim.

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