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When employees attempt to defraud employers, we can help.

For California employees who have been critically injured during the course of completing their work duties, workers' compensation benefits can be extremely beneficial during their recoveries. Unfortunately, employees who suffered seemingly minor injuries, or who were actually not harmed at all, may be tempted to claim they suffered far more serious harm. When employees attempt to defraud employers through fraudulent workers' compensation claims, it is understandable that employers may question their options.

There are a number of ways that a fraudulent workers' compensation claim may come to be. For instance, a worker could claim that an injury occurred at work when, in reality, it resulted from an off-duty accident. In other instances, an employee may have been injured at work, but exaggerated the extent of the injury.

As most employers likely already know, misrepresenting the severity of symptoms of a workplace injury is considered fraud. If an employer suspects that this type of fraudulent claim has been made, the employer can have the claim thoroughly analyzed for any evidence that might indicate that the claim is less than truthful. This can be key to protecting a business' interests.

If a thorough legal analysis does reveal that a claim is likely fraudulent, an employer should be prepared to defend the business. We know that most California employers care for their workforces -- which includes providing workers' compensation when necessary -- but attempts to defraud employers are acts that should not be tolerated. As such, we have dedicated our experience and knowledge to supporting our clients in their endeavors to distinguish between fraudulent and genuine claims and to help guide them through the most appropriate courses of action against wrongful claims.

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