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February 2015 Archives

Medical facilities can help prevent an injured worker claim

A great deal of attention has been focused lately on the high volume of workplace injuries suffered by nurses in California and across the nation. The issue has prompted debate about the role medical facilities play in promoting safe workplace environments and taking actions to reduce the number of workplace injuries that nurses experience while caring for patients. A recent article looks at circumstances that often lead to an injured worker claim and makes suggestions on how to reduce the rate of injuries for nursing staff.

OSHA investigation begins after man falls through skylight

Any type of physical labor has its own risks of injury. Much of the risk depends upon where the job is performed. Labor performed on top of a roof of a building can be particularly dangerous for the workers who have to perform duties at such great heights. One recent workplace accident that occurred outside of California has now resulted in an OSHA investigation.

When employees attempt to defraud employers, we can help.

For California employees who have been critically injured during the course of completing their work duties, workers' compensation benefits can be extremely beneficial during their recoveries. Unfortunately, employees who suffered seemingly minor injuries, or who were actually not harmed at all, may be tempted to claim they suffered far more serious harm. When employees attempt to defraud employers through fraudulent workers' compensation claims, it is understandable that employers may question their options.

4 men may file injured worker claim after construction accident

Construction sites can be dangerous places for workers. One never knows when something unexpected will happen at a construction site in California. Four out-of-state workers experienced exactly this in a recent construction accident. This accident could potentially result in a future injured worker claim.

Company cited for failure to maintain a safe working environment

Chemicals have reactive properties that are vital in many manufacturing processes. When employers fail to manage these chemical reactions properly, toxic gases and dangerous fumes may be formed. Exposure to such hazards can have catastrophic consequences to the health of workers and can also cause explosions and fires. California workers in various industries are exposed to toxic or dangerous fumes while also facing the added hazards of confined spaces and working at heights without fall protection. Failure to maintain a safe working environment may lead to a company being cited by authorities.

Death benefits or an injured worker claim not always successful

After an on-the-job injury, the workers' compensation insurance fund typically covers the medical expenses and lost income of the victim. In most cases of an injured worker claim, medical care may enable workers to ultimately return to work, but this does not always happen. A death benefits claim filed by the family of a California worker was awarded by a workers' compensation judge and then overturned by an appeals court. It was reported that arguments are being prepared for presentation to the California Supreme Court following a decision to reconsider the case.

Construction accident can result in injured worker claim

Working at a construction site will sometimes mean workers are on shaky ground when it comes to safety. This literally seems to have been the case in a recent construction accident where the floor gave way and resulted in injuries. Many times in California, this can result in an injured worker claim.

Construction accident can result in OSHA violation fines

When a construction accident in California results in an injury, work safety authorities usually investigate the incident in order to determine the cause of the accident. If the investigators from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) conclude that safety violations contributed to an accident, the administration's findings could become a serious problem for the employer. An OSHA violation can result in significant monetary fines.

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