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Monday is the most common day for an injured worker claim

No one likes Mondays, that is a given. However, there now may be a good reason for both California employers and employees to not like Mondays. According to a recent report, a Monday results in an injured worker claim more often than the other days of the week.

Apparently, workers are more likely to experience workplace injuries on Mondays when compared to the other days of the week. A recently released report revealed that approximately 167,000 workplace injuries happened on Mondays during 2013, which is more than any other day of the week. However, this is not a new trend. More workplace injuries have consistently occurred on Mondays during the past several years; however, this does not mean there is an explicit correlation between Mondays and the number of workplace injuries.

On the other hand, with this in mind, employers may take some precautions in their operating procedures for the beginning of the work week in order to minimize potential injuries. This can be particularly important for workplaces with heavy machinery, such as construction sites. However, it is not always possible to avoid workers being injured on the job.

Regardless of the day of the week on which an injury occurs, a workplace injury can result in an injured worker claim. This can result in a financial challenge for a California employer. Due to the financial consequences associated with workplace injuries, employers may want to ensure that an employee's claim is valid. If they find that it is not, the employer may want to challenge the claim. An understanding of the applicable rules and regulations for workers' compensation, as well as an understanding of applicable employment laws will be beneficial.

Source: Time, "More Proof That Mondays Are Terrible: It's the Most Common Day for Workplace Injuries", Samantha Grossman, Dec. 17, 2014

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