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December 2014 Archives

Monday is the most common day for an injured worker claim

No one likes Mondays, that is a given. However, there now may be a good reason for both California employers and employees to not like Mondays. According to a recent report, a Monday results in an injured worker claim more often than the other days of the week.

Former police officer convicted of employee fraud in California

When it comes to legal matters, details always play an important role, but this is especially true in a workers' compensation matter. Whether an injured worker is legally entitled to benefits will depend upon the extent of the worker's injury, as well as whether pre-existing conditions are present. It turns out that a former police officer in California lied about prior injuries when he filed his workers' compensation claim, which resulted in him being convicted of employee fraud.

Worker faces employee fraud charges

Worker's compensation insurance plays an important role in today's workplace. It protects California workers from the suffering financially after unfortunate accidents at the workplace. However, there are some workers who end up abusing the system by exaggerating their injuries. This can result in employee fraud charges, as well as loss of benefits.

Fatal accident could result in injured worker claim

Machines are created to help people in their various tasks and endeavors. Industrial workplaces are particularly dependent upon the use of machinery in order to accomplish various tasks. Unfortunately, this means that industrial workers are generally at risk of injury while at the workplace in California or in any other state. This may result in an injured worker claim being filed, which can have significant consequences for employers.

Fraudulent workers' compensation claims filed by California woman

When an employee is suspected of falsifying information, a business may need to protect itself from potential fraudulent workers' compensation claims. Business owners may look to professionals for help in an attempt to keep insurance premiums from rising. A middle-aged woman that was featured on the reality show "Bridezillas" recently appeared in a California courtroom accused of filing fraudulent workers' compensation claims after suspicion led to an investigation.

Injured worker claim for deceased employee spurs investigation

When a fatally injured worker claim is made, a California employer may face a series of investigations, potential fines and an increase in insurance premiums. A business may wish to review the situation surrounding the injured worker claim and begin looking at its legal options. A young woman recently lost her life after suffering a head injury from being trapped inside a dumbwaiter at her place of employment.

Employer defense may have lowered OSHA fines

In the event that a California oil drilling company is accused of serious safety violations, an employer defense may help to minimize consequences. A drilling company was recently accused of 13 safety and health violations by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Representatives of the company met with federal officials and were able to secure a reduced fine for the hazards identified at one of their drilling sites. The reduction in fines may be the result of an employer defense strategy.

Nurse jailed for fraudulent workers' compensation claims

When a California staff member attempts to defraud employers through the exaggeration of an injury, he or she can cause serious financial difficulties for the company by causing rising insurance premiums. A woman who worked as a registered nurse was recently sentenced after an investigation uncovered that she made fraudulent workers' compensation claims for a back injury. Reports indicate that she collected nearly $300,000 in benefits as a result of her fraudulent activity.

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