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Man charged with workers' compensation fraud for false timesheets

Workers' compensation fraud is a crime in California and can have serious consequences for an employer who is the target of the fraud. A business owner may suffer unnecessary financial losses if a fraudulent claim goes unnoticed. One vigilant business avoided losses when it became suspicious of one man's claims. He has since been charged with workers' compensation fraud.

The accused worker had been placed on workers' compensation after being involved in a work-related accident that resulted in injury. After being injured, the man agreed to take part in a program that would put him to work while he recovered. The transitional employment was intended to allow him to continue to earn an income, but on a lighter-duty assignment.

The agreement made with the injured man included him working weekends at a museum. After working only two shifts, the man purportedly submitted time sheets that covered a 16-week span. The man is accused of intentionally submitting false time sheets in an attempt to collect wages from insurance benefits. It is also reported that the time sheets included the museum manager's forged signature. If the accused man is found guilty of attempting to defraud the workers' compensation system, he faces a $10,000 fine and may receive a sentence of up to seven years behind bars.

Workers' compensation fraud can be perpetrated in a variety of ways, and is not limited to the submission of false time sheets. Employees can also face fraud charges for exaggerating the extent of injuries or even for faking on-the-job injuries. When an employer suspects that an employee has submitted false claims for workers' compensation, that employer has the right to question the claims in a California court. 

Source:, "Attorney General Charges Man In Worker's Compensation Case", Nov. 18, 2014

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