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November 2014 Archives

California construction company may need employer defense

When a business is accused of violating safety or health regulations, management may choose to fight the accusations. In this type of situation, an employer defense may help to protect a company's assets. A California construction company that was recently cited for violations after two employees lost their lives while on a job site may be seeking to defend itself. 

Man charged with workers' compensation fraud for false timesheets

Workers' compensation fraud is a crime in California and can have serious consequences for an employer who is the target of the fraud. A business owner may suffer unnecessary financial losses if a fraudulent claim goes unnoticed. One vigilant business avoided losses when it became suspicious of one man's claims. He has since been charged with workers' compensation fraud.

California Ebola rules could help avoid injured worker claim

Medical facilities and personnel are no strangers to dealing with health hazards as they care for patients, and numerous policies and procedures are in place to protect them. However, Ebola has presented new challenges. Recently, the California division of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration instituted new rules regarding safety procedures, stating that every medical facility in the state needs to institute in an attempt to avoid an Ebola-related injured worker claim.

Woman guilty of fraudulent workers' compensation claims

Fraudulent workers' compensation claims are a significant headache for California employers, particularly when a worker lied in an attempt to gain benefits. A middle aged woman was recently convicted of filing fraudulent workers' compensation claims after a jury trial. A colleague testified that the woman had been dishonest and had actually injured her arm at home when she was tripped by her pet dog.

California workers' compensation fraud -- an overview

Workers' compensation fraud can cause damage to a business and place the owner in a difficult position, both financially and professionally. Some people may question what led their current or former employee to abuse available benefits for personal gain. The decision for an employee to commit workers' compensation fraud in California may stem from being disgruntled at the company or from someone trying to take advantage of a particular situation.

Postal worker exposed for fraudulent workers' compensation claims

When a state or federal employee makes fraudulent workers' compensation claims, the financial impact affects their employer and taxpayers. An employer that suspects dishonesty may start an investigation in an attempt to analyze the legitimacy of an injury that may have been suffered. A California man that previously worked as a United States Postal Service employee was recently sentenced for fraudulent workers' compensation claims.

Woman charged for workers' compensation fraud

When an employee commits workers' compensation fraud, it can place a business in a financially difficult situation. A company may lose money over time through the potentially rising cost of insurance premiums that reflect excessive amounts of benefits paid out. A California business owner may choose to take legal action if he or she suspects that an employee took advantage through workers' compensation fraud.

Employer defense after tragic California accident

An employer that desires to stay on the cutting edge of technology and provide an experience or product to consumers that is unique may influence the operation decisions they make. As new ventures are attempted and staff are asked to reach beyond their professional comfort zone, an employer defense regarding any potential workers' compensation claims may be organized in the event of an accident. A commercial airliner meant to take people into outer space for sightseeing recently crashed in California, seriously injuring two Virgin Galactic pilots. The incident may have left the operating company in need of a good employer defense.

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