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October 2014 Archives

Carlos Rivero accused of fraudulent workers' compensation claims

The state of California is home to many professional athletes, referees and their various support staff. When fraudulent workers' compensation claims are filed against a professional sports league, a person may face serious financial and professional consequences. Major League Soccer referee Carlos Rivero was recently suspended from the Professional Referees Organization after officials charged the young man with filing potentially fraudulent workers' compensation claims.

Lack of insurance in California may be just as expensive

A recent report revealed that California may maintain the highest cost for workers' compensation in the nation. This may lead some employers to the decision that they should operate under a lack of insurance. Without insurance, a business may be exposed to providing hefty medical expenses should a worker be hurt. A lack of insurance may cost an employer thousands of dollars in the event an accident occurs and may require professional help to minimize legal consequences.

Officer accused of making fraudulent workers' compensation claims

The vast majority of employers simply want what is in the best interest of their employees. Many employers in California have learned that working to ensure safe working conditions, for example, is not only good for employees but also for the company in general by limiting employee turnover. Despite their best efforts, workplace accidents may still occur. In these instances, employees are likely protected financially by workers' compensation insurance coverage provide through their employer; however, some employees may embellish the nature of their injuries in order to increase the amount of compensation they receive. One out-of-state man was recently charged with making fraudulent workers' compensation claims.

Help for uninsured employers in California

Because many companies realize the importance of a safe and healthy workforce, most take steps to ensure that conditions are optimal at their business locations. Despite the safety precautions an employer may take, there is a potential for a workplace accident in most any job, even in jobs that seem to be relatively safe. As a result, California requires employers to provide workers' compensation coverage to its employees. Uninsured employers may face some relatively serious consequences if they fail to provide such insurance.

Injured worker claim and firefighting in California

Both regular employed and volunteer firefighters in California are often provided with technical rescue training in the event of a specific situation while in the field in an attempt to lower the risk of an injured worker claim. Although these situations are not common, they can occur and may place a firefighter or rescue worker in a high risk or hazardous situation. Correct training can make the difference in saving lives and preventing an injured worker claim.

California school district may look to an employer defense

When a large group of employees is accidentally exposed to a dangerous chemical, an employer defense may be established to help prevent detrimental financial damage. A total of three California schools were recently closed after asbestos fibers and dust were said to have been found inside some of the buildings. The decision came after a heated discussion and vote among the school board that addressed the potential closing of 11 schools that had been under construction during the summer months. The school district may consider an employer defense in the event that the faculty and other workers fall ill.

Increased workers' compensation fraud in Los Angeles

Working as a police officer or firefighter in Los Angeles can place a person at a higher risk for work related injury. The generous benefits provided when a person is placed on leave may contribute to an overwhelming number of potential workers' compensation fraud that may exist among public servants. An employer that suspects workers' compensation fraud may question the validity of an injury and begin an investigation.

Officer accused of fraudulent workers' compensation claims

Submitting fraudulent workers' compensation claims can harm a private or public business and may place them in a difficult financial situation. A man employed as a juvenile detention officer in California was recently charged for submitting potentially fraudulent workers' compensation claims. Records show that the District Attorney's office will be pursuing action against the accused man.

Officer accused of fraudulent workers' compensation claims

Fraudulent workers' compensation claims can be financially damaging to county offices and other businesses through increased premiums and the cost of medical care. When an employee attempts to gain benefits that are not entitled, an employer may feel the need to look into the situation and proceed with action. A California County Probation Chief reported that one of his officers was recently arrested for potentially fraudulent workers' compensation claims.

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