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August 2014 Archives

Businesses allegedly suffered lack of insurance in California

An employer that has purchased workers' comp insurance from a false provider may be operating with a lack of insurance. In the event that an employee is injured while working, the lack of insurance may place a business in a very difficult financial situation. A California man was recently taken into police custody for allegedly selling fraudulent insurance to businesses.

California woman sentenced for false injured worker claim

Workers’ compensation fraud can be damaging to an employer financially and professionally. A California woman who worked for the county was recently sentenced for collecting benefits from a false injured worker claim she filed. A business owner who has suffered from a false injured worker claim may choose to seek repayment from the dishonest party and halt all medical benefits.

Workers' compensation fraud at California bank

When an employer is taken advantage of through workers' compensation fraud, both the company and its insurer can suffer financial damages. Some professionals may choose to begin the process to reveal the theft and attempt to regain the monetary loss. A woman formerly employed at a local California bank has been accused of workers' compensation fraud after being involved in the robbery that purportedly caused the false mental injury.

Arrest made for fraudulent workers' compensation claims

Fraudulent workers' compensation claims can damage a company financially and could affect insurance premiums if not discovered. A California employer that has discovered a false injury may start an investigation in an attempt to uncover the truth. A beauty contestant was recently arrested for making fraudulent workers' compensation claims when she was apparently seen competing in pageants following an injury.

Employer defense and a worker seeking addition compensation

Home health care facilities in California are responsible for sending workers into the homes of their clients and may often require an employer defense in the event someone is hurt while on the job. An employer defense may work to protect a company from having to provide compensation benefits beyond necessity when an accident does occur. A higher court decision recently determined that an Alzheimer’s patient who had been sued by a home health care employee was not responsible for providing compensation for an injury.

Workers' compensation defense and hired contractors

Workers' compensation defense may help to keep an employer from being taken advantage of and ensure that both the injured party and the company are protected. A California company that hires contractors to complete construction on its property may question its rights for workers' compensation defense in the event that a worker is hurt. A fire began recently at what used to be a California hotel while construction crews performed renovations on the premises.

Why medical information is important in work comp cases

Proper medical treatment is a cornerstone of the proper administration of California’s workers’ compensation system. Essentially, treating doctors must implement treatments that are scientifically proven to abate the injuries or illnesses that a worker suffers from as a result of an on-the-job injury or accident.

The financial benefits of a drug free workplace

Arguably, one of the best ways to manage workers’ compensation costs is to maintain a safe working environment. Part of this may include establishing a drug-free workplace policy. While it may seem obvious that workers should not be taking drugs while at work, it may be surprising how many workers come to the workplace while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Also, the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) reports that drug abuse costs businesses more than $80 billion each year.

The future of wearable technology and workers' comp

Wearable technology is the next big thing for retailers. From Samsung’s smart watch to Google’s Glass, the world of mobile technology has a great deal to offer consumers and employers alike. For employers, wearable technology can provide a number of opportunities to expound on safety measures and take further action to prevent injuries.

How one car company tackled a common work injury using 3-D printing

If you were to travel virtually any street or highway in the greater Los Angeles area, there is a very good chance that you would encounter a significant number of BMWs. While the German automaker is known across Southern California and around the world for making automobiles that are both reliable and luxurious, it is also known for its emphasis on employee safety at its various plants.

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