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The five most dangerous jobs in America

There are a number of reality shows that essentially glamorize dangerous jobs. Between “Ice Road Truckers,” “Deadliest Catch,” and “Ax Men” it would seem that danger is a prerequisite to be on television show. While reality shows are somewhat scripted to include the thrill of dangerous near misses, the actual reality is that workers in these occupations do in fact get hurt.

A survey of the U.S. Board of Labor Statistics highlighted the most dangerous occupations. You may be surprised by what jobs made the top five list. They include:

Fishermen – There is certainly something to “The Deadliest Catch.” Fishermen are commonly injured by falls overboard, slips on slippery decks and other onboard injuries. However, more of them are killed by vessel disasters.

Airline pilots – Seventy one pilots each year are killed in crashes. Other injuries are due to mechanical problems lead to lacerations and concussions.

Construction workers – This is an obvious choice given how much heavy equipment is used and the conditions that they work in. Construction laborers account for nearly 20 percent of all injuries suffered in the workplace.

Farmers and ranchers – A large percentage of farming injuries are equipment related, even though they represent a smaller percentage of injured workers as a whole.

Truck drivers – With as much time as truck drivers spend behind the wheel, and how many truckers are on the road, this occupation has the dubious distinction of being the most dangerous job. Also included in this occupation are delivery truck drivers (i.e. those who drive for FedEx and UPS).

Source: “Price of risk: How well do the five most dangerous jobs pay?” Erika Rawes, June 28, 2014

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