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July 2014 Archives

How to avoid problems when denying workers' comp claims

As workers’ compensation defense attorneys, a great deal of our practice involves counseling employers on when and how to issue denials. Denying a work comp claim comes with its consequences, and more states are focusing on penalizing employers for unjustified denials. Moreover, a focus on the legal requirements behind denials has increased over the past few years. Because of this, it is important for employers to understand the steps and requirements behind workers’ comp claim denials.

Postal service company worker pleads guilty to work comp fraud

A worker for a California postal service company was recently indicted for workers’ compensation insurance fraud when he was reportedly seen playing in a bowling league. The worker, who allegedly suffered an industrial injury, filed for workers compensation benefits. He claimed that he suffered intense pain that prevented him from lifting anything.

Why preparation is the key to business success

The key to success in any business is preparation. By taking time to consider the pros and cons of each critical move, a business can avoid the pitfalls that can come about through unanticipated circumstances. This can be especially important in terms of protecting the business from legal obligations that can come through a workers’ compensation claim

Basic things to know when working with an attorney

Working with a workers’ compensation defense attorney may be a new experience for a business owner. Employers may have worked with lawyers in planning the business, including establishing a corporate entity or raising money for the enterprise. However, hiring an attorney to defend a workers’ comp claim may be different. It is crucial to understand some basic tenets so that a proper expectation is set.

The five most dangerous jobs in America

There are a number of reality shows that essentially glamorize dangerous jobs. Between “Ice Road Truckers,” “Deadliest Catch,” and “Ax Men” it would seem that danger is a prerequisite to be on television show. While reality shows are somewhat scripted to include the thrill of dangerous near misses, the actual reality is that workers in these occupations do in fact get hurt.

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